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  1. Hey everyone I need a right hand side steering knuckle for my 92 pathfinder anyone have one lying around they want to get rid of....I broke a cv and the pice is stuck in the spindle now so no 4x4 no fun
  2. Hey guys and gals, I am thinking about building a dry cell HHO system for my pathy . any thoughts on this subject? i have been doing some research and it looks pretty easy to build and install. I was just wondering if anyone has done this to a pathy yet and if there any problems to worry about thanks guys
  3. Hey guys just wondering if any one is on here from the Leadville area and if yall wanna do some wheeling .
  4. it was the distributor
  5. OK so I have a parts truck that I need to get rid of its on a 2wd frame and fairly rust free I will post pics its in Wisconsin and need a good home or it is going to get scrapped let me know if you guys need any particular
  6. Hey guys I have a rust free frame for a 92 pathfinder 2wd it's free for the taking
  7. Also if I can get it to start it will only run. For a few seconds before it dies and it I try to give it any throttle it flood out and dies Thanks again. TJ
  8. Hey guys so my path blew the 3.3 so I put a stock 3.o back in it and now I can get it to run it seem to keep flooding g out when I try to start it I have searched and searched and that's for all the ppl who post there problems and fixes .... So what I have tried New plugs wires cap rotor coIL cleaned injectors tested injectors changed fuel filter checked all grounds I did manage to break the knock sensor wire and I repaired that and the sensor omed out fine I'm loosing g my mind here I have to be missing something any input would be much appreciated Thanks tj
  9. Hey guys im having a problem with my pathy I just did a engine swap and went back to a 3.0 for a 3.3. the problem m having is that it will not take any throttle. and the ecu is giving a code 43 knock sensor ans a code 51 injection circuit . i have replaced the plugs and cap rotor wires . and i am going to do the knock sensor and injectors today since i have a spare set just sitting here . If anyone has had this problem before and can give me some advice that would be awsome. thanks TJ
  10. Hey guys and gals friday I found a super good deal on a 2nd automatic 1993 pathfinder. I paid 160 bucks for it and when I got it home and started looking at it I realized it is a Georgia truck and the only rust is on the rims this thing is super clean .so I have a 92 4x4 and I am going to do a full body swap I will try to post some pics of the project stay tuned and any advice would be awsome thanks guys
  11. Thanks man and I will try to post some good pictures of this thing it mint condition for a 93 I don't think it has ever been off road being a 2nd auto
  12. Can any one tell me where all the vin numbers are on a 93 pathy
  13. Hey guys and gals. So I was on craigs list and found a sweet deal of a parts truck $160 I needed the hood and fenders for my 92 but the more j look at the thing the more I want to just do a body swap it's a super clean Georgia pathy with no rust and I'm in wisconsin so that is like unheard of
  14. hey guys is there a vin on the engine any where i need th find out what year my import engine is because it came from japan and it now is getting overhauled because of a spun rod bearing and i want to get the corrrect parts the first time thanks
  15. well my new crank showed up today
  16. found a reman crank on ebay with bearings for $350 so that should be here on tuseday i hope apperantly the 3.3 was used in a wide range of vehicals so that makes parts easy to come by which is good because im ready to be driving my pathy again and the snow is coming. im going to have the machine shop hone the cylinders for new rings so this thing should be like new when im done.
  17. well i just got some bad news from the machine shop my crank can not be fixed the bearing wos spun too badly. so if any one has a crank out of a vg 33 please let me know
  18. thanks for the info. lastnight cot cut short due to the fact that my dog got in to the bucket of antifreeze and is now at the doggy er my spun braring just got really expensive
  19. hey guys i got the engine out and on a stand lastnight. When i got the pan off i seen that the #6 rod bearing is spun. i am going to tear the engine down tonight so i will take some pics and post them. dose anyone know if these engines have a problrm holding rod brarings after one has been spun. like do i need to get a new rod? also could a bad oil pump cause this problem i really dont want to do this again when im done i want to drive it for another 100k thanks guys. also dose anyone know how to get ahold of mr.510
  20. well i think it might have been the mudding it at a pretty steady 4500 to 5000 rpm for likr 20 to 30 seconds across a pond with about a foot of water and like 2 feet of mud but i have been usin royal purple in the engine so i wouldent think tht would hurt it
  21. thanks kingman i figured out what was wrong with my rig it needs new main and rod bearings so that means a total tear down so i can get the crank turned and the block line bored at the local machine shop. i will do a write up on this project with lots of pictures. i love doing rebuilds just not on an engine that i just put in my daily driver
  22. yes i have the vg33 oil pump and crank . im pissed because this engine was only supposed to have between 40 and 60k on it so i didnt replace the bearings. do you know if you can pull just the engine or do you nedd th pull the tranny too i hate putting my tranny in on my back on jack stands.
  23. hello all i was out mudding the other night and my oil light came on so i stoped and checked the oil and ith was full but when i started it up again it had a knock over 2000 rpm but the oil light was not on anymore and has not come on since so im thinking that my jdm import engine needs some new rods and mains and an oil pump what do you guys think. also where is a good place to buy internal engine parts fo a vg33. and how do i determine the year of my engine
  24. hey guys its me again that vg 33 i just put in has a knock now so i think i will be pulling the engine today my oil light came on while wheeling so i stoped right away and checked the oil and it was full but now it has a knock so if any one knows a good place to get engine parts let me know

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