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  1. Turns out its the 02 sensor thats causing my issue, when i drive with it unplugged it runs just fine, no issues, pisses me off because its a genuine nissan part thats only a year old
  2. I have a 91 se auto 4x4 and it randomly starts to bog down. When it does bog it takes much throttle for it to clear up. Feels low on power till 3000rpm, sometimes it drives normal and feels great. Ive done plugs, maf,spark plug wires, fuel filter. Ive checked the fuel pump and fuel pressure, leak down test, timing check, with no results. No ecu codes popping up. With the key on and the throttle opened partially i can hear a buzzing sound from the transmission. Short of trying another tps or ecu im not sure what else to look at. Any help would be great
  3. Hey guys, last night my temp gauge and fuel gauge stopped working but the rest of the cluster works fine, any idea what it could be? Ive checked the fuses and they are good
  4. Had the cat removed, it feels like it has more power now, but the mileage is still just as bad.
  5. Timing belt was done a year or 2 ago. The plugs also have been done. Air filter is new, and clean. IM sure the fuel gauge is working properly. do you guys know where i can buy a cat delete? Pre made so i can just remove the old and in with the new?
  6. Thanks for all the reply's. It is a V6, no i havent checked the codes yet, but i will. The exhaust leak is right neat the cat, so its after the 02 sensor. My truck has 211000 KM's ill report back after ive had a go with it, im doing the thermostat on saturday
  7. In the last few weeks ive been getting horrible mileage. I filled my truck 2 days ago and have travelled 80KMS, and im at half a tank already. So far i have double checked the engine side of things.Everything is good, no leaks or anything,engine does no smoke or consume oil. things ive done. -New Rotor -New fuel filter -Ran some injector cleaner thru the tank. -New 02 sensor My truck is low on power.( been getting worse over the last few months) It has a small exhaust leak. Im considering removing the catalytic converter.( anyone ever do this?) Ive ordered a new cap for the distributor.( still waiting) I will double check the ignition timing. what do you guys think i should do/look at?
  8. The front hubs were cleaned and greased recently. I need it to stop raining so i can actually go look at it. Thanks for the information guys.
  9. so what needs to happen? Replaced both of them, or can they be greased up again? what do you guys recommend. And is it ok the drive it around for the time being?
  10. In the last 2 days i noticed a clicking sound when im turning the steering wheel. It happends when turning both sides. I haven't got under the truck to look at it yet, but im wondering if you guys have any idea what it could be?
  11. sounds like either your timing belt is too tight or the tensioner pulley spring is bad or your waterpump is on it's way out.
  12. I just went through this a few months back. I should have bought 31x10.5's , but i was worried about clearance. So i went with 30x9.5's, and i love them, but after seeing them, theres no doubt the 31's would fit. I went with Falken High Country's, and so far they are kick ass.
  13. thanks for the reply, i will check it as soon as i can. Just snowed like crazy. i will report back after looking at it.
  14. It seems after driving it, when i come to complete stop, and just sit for 5 min i can smell it, but the smell does not last long.
  15. Occasionally i can smell burning oil inside the cab. Now i have inspected the engine bay, there is no sign of oil leaking, ive made sure to check the valve covers. I have no leaks underneath my pathfinder. and as far as i can tell the motor does not smoke out of the exhaust, and it does not appear to burn engine oil.( oil level never goes down) any input would be greatly appreciated.
  16. I don't know anything about those tires, but that is the factory size tire on some pathfinders. I recently did a 30x9.5 on a bone stock pathfinder with lots of clearance, and no rubbing.
  17. I have a few other questions related to the 4x4. 1) what is the fastest recomended speed for 4 low? 2) when offroading is it ok to leave it in 1st or 2nd gear(automatic) while ripping around? kind of like driving a standard? or is the transmission not designed for this style of driving?
  18. OK, everything went smooth, i no longer have the clunking or the bad engagement. So far it's a success.
  19. Ive been having this issue the last 2 winters, when its -15c or colder, my power locks have this issue, where i use my remote to unlock it, but before i can grab the handle it locks again. the same happends when i use the key, i turn it and half a second later it locks again. I would like to add my truck has a remote starter and everything works flawlessly until its gets really cold.im not sure if its factory or after market. any input would be great. i just worry about leaving my keys in my truck and having the doors lock by themselves.
  20. Thanks for the help guys, friday night i will inspect/re grease everything. I will post an update after it's taken apart. I couldn't find the thread about cleaning them, but i found the warn hub install thread.Should be a easy. http://www.nissanpathfinders.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=1405
  21. i haven't turned on the 4x4 all summer, and yesterday i decide to turn it on. First thing i notice is that the 4x4 didn't come on for almost 200 feet, then when i tried to disengage i heard a really loud cluncking noise, so then i reverse about 15 feet and try again, still engaged and cluncking, so i reverse again it then it becomes dis engaged. is this a problem with the hubs? i have a 91 se with the autohubs.My truck has been very well maintained. I don't want to switch to manual hubs, but i will if its needed to make this work again. Im not a huge offroad person, but i use it all winter. also the price for the warn hubs, it seems like 200$ is what they go for? anyone have a link on where to get them?
  22. They have alot of parts for sure, but the prices are outrageous sometimes. This place is local to me, but 90% of the time i use ebay.
  23. thanks guys, im gonna give it a try.
  24. Looking for suggestions on a cold air for my 91 pathfinder. searching online i didn't find anything.i found this on ebay http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/NISSAN-PATHFINDER-3-0-3-0L-V6-AIR-INTAKE-1991-1995-/280577752947?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&fits=Model%3APathfinder&hash=item4153bcbf73 wondering of someone sells something like this, or if it has to be custom. im looking for something to replace the factory intake tube.( it's cracked)
  25. My truck is the same way, occasionaly i have to wiggle the maf wriring, then it idles smooth
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