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  1. They make kits to swap out your supercharger oil. I mean if you already have it out of the truck then by all means make sure you drain it out real good to change it. But if it's already in the truck you can use a syringe like thing to get it out. I don't know how many I've done to M90 units on 3800II GM engines. It's not a particularly fun job, but it's gotta be done. Also i'd make sure you turn it by hand a little a few times if you drain all the oil out like that. Just to get the new oil to coat the gears and all. But that's all personal preference.
  2. Meh lol. Just corrected his post.
  3. Fixed. At least post the proper body styles. This is the 2003 body style, which would've competed with the one you posted. Although the revised version did come slightly earlier around 2001 IIRC for the pathfinder. But the 4Runner looks better than the 1996-2000 version or whatever it was.
  4. Doesn't it already have KM/h on it? lol
  5. tie rods aren't that old. but no guarantee they couldn't be bad. Either way I don't know what to do. It's probably easy to do I'm just wore out from bothering with this thing. I won't dump anymore money into it because it's going to be gone as soon as I get my other car on the road.
  6. Axle, hub assembly (used), wheel bearing, all that stuff. But it was doing it before I took the axle out. The steering is the issue. I haven't double checked anything other than the work I've done in replacing the axle. But it was doing it before I replaced the axle.
  7. After finally getting everything back together and double checking everything. My steering is ungodly loose. Like, deathly loose. Both my tension rods are new, as well as their bushings. At 30mph or so it's fine. But at highway speeds (45-55) the steering is ridiculously loose and feels like every little movement is going to make me roll over. So what could cause this?
  8. you want fast? Buy a fast car. While the VG30 is a great engine in terms of reliability. It's just not exactly what "fast" is made out of without substantial amounts of work. Reliable as anything though. and the 160hp stock isn't all too shabby once you adjust to it. Some easy things to slap on however do wonders. Exhaust and CAI are 2. i'm sure there's plenty more.
  9. Local parts shop. They finally refused to refund my money. They are called Salvos or something along those lines. I got a receipt around here somewhere. I'll dig it up when I get time. But I didn't feel like updating the thread for something I knew would only give "well try again". They said it wasn't their problem and I should've checked before. Which I should have. but they didn't care about the fact some people work full time it seems. But I didn't feel the need to bump an old thread. I ended up getting the axle off a 1995 Nissan Pickup that was a rollover. Axle looked fine. All I'm doing is throwing an axle in it to sell it. The axle isn't in too bad of condition. It's not brand new, but it's not near bad. The rubber doesn't look dried up or cracked in the least. so I'm going to include my records when I sell the truck. I'll try and keep track of whoever buys it to keep them in the loop.
  10. Double post. Got it installed last night. Need a castle nut for the tie-rod end. But other than that everything bolted right up. Got it out of the garage and ready for the new car to go in Thanks everyone for all your help
  11. It took me forever to get the axle out of my Pathfinder. I ran to the junkyard to get one (see attached), and it only took me like 45 minutes to an hour. Not I just gotta reassemble, remove from garage, park in front yard, and add the For Sale sign. Also attached: Some time ago I posted a thread about problems with my aftermarket axle. Well come to find out the hub is much bigger than I had originally measured and is definitely NOT for a WD21. I may or may not add pictures at a later time of the difference. But it was all out of whack, I don't know how I didn't notice it sooner. But the parts store is still jerking me around, now saying there's nothing they can do cause I turned in my core. Then saying they'll sell me another one, for the same price. Naturally I would have just eaten my loss but I am selling the Pathfinder (as much as I don't want to) because I bought an AWD sedan. So yeah. My attached was longer than my actual post lol
  12. Toby


    This thread lacked substance from the beginning. Just brings a tear to my eye to see it's still going :'( lol
  13. Toby


    Their ratchets are fine for me for maybe... 6 months. Then the gears or whatever in them starts messing up and it'll switch as I'm ratcheting. Drives me insane. I gotta take it back to get replaced. But otherwise most their stuff is fine for me. I'd get snap-on but it's so expensive for the most basic things. Although I do like their impact guns.
  14. Toby


    I've been using several of their plain extensions and such on my impact gun. Haven't had any problems out of them. Their sockets have been fine as well. Only had problems with their ratchets, but they have a warranty as well. I just don't bother because it's too much work to mail it in. In their defense my Craftsman ratchets do the same.
  15. Toby


    Considering Stanley sells their tools there as well. Not that I'm saying Stanley is all that great. There's an included warranty to these, and how hard is it to produce a wedge shaped piece of plastic?
  16. Toby


    This was awesome
  17. Toby


    That's pretty much it, word for word lol. It's just crazy. Especially because I sent in to get a new panel puller.
  18. Toby


    Just like a "bone pick" or a panel puller, whichever you call it. Then like a crappy screw driver. And some weird wire thing for running amp cords or something goofy. I wanted the panel puller because the metal ones suck and damage stuff.
  19. Toby


    I'd totally understand if it broke on something hard. It broke on that plastic tailgate cover thing.
  20. Toby


    Beats me. Just thought it was weird lol
  21. Toby


    So some months back (when I first got my pathfinder), I got a scosche interior panel kit thing. So I sent the comment card in saying how poor their products were (their pry tool broke after a few light uses). Today I get this letter in the mail from them. They said they included a "gift" which ends up being a little booklet of the Declaration of Independence, and US Constitution. It makes NO sense whatsoever. Like they had it lying around the office. I dunno. Thought it was weird.
  22. Mine are paper cones. Damn. I been had.
  23. Toby

    Seven Springs, PA

    Just got back from that actually lol. It was pretty nice. Although the quality could've been a little better. But that's because I went to culinary school to be a chef. But I had the beef loin or whatever it was they had and it was amazing. I don't say that about much but it was awesome. If you're ever there again, get that. It was on the buffet and had a carving station. But overall it's pretty nice here. went swimming and all. Anyone who wants to get away this place is awesome. even during the summer.

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