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  1. General purpose: 300w Bestek inverter 6amp phone charger bullet 2 USB cords Baofeng UV-5RE+ Ham radio for emergency use quart of oil Quart of ATF individual first aid kit/trauma kit 2 gallons of potable water gallon of coolant (Not premix) roll of gorilla tape harbor freight mechanics tool kit 5 gallons gasoline can of "Start you bastard" two extra magazines for my sig 229 Box of condoms canteen/cup/lid combo in USGI issue canteen pouch hank of 550 cord 900 lumen streamlight flashlight Shovel Estwing camp axe stanley fat max FUBAR Jumper cables Standard pathfinder bottle jack and tire iron (i've been meaning to replace this.) 4 ratchet straps MOLLE Daypack with camelbak inside Cobra 29LTD chrome edition Transmission funnel Pillow Coyote brown Woobie Isomat Change of clothes It's only excessive till you need it and don't have it.
  2. it's pi day, 3/14, and it's also taco tuesday.
  3. Buy a container of #00 buckshot and suck it into your intake, it'll have exactly the same result.
  4. I think the pictures may show some of the mistakes he can ultimately sort out in fiberglass. with that said, i would have used something a little bit smaller in stature for the wood. There's a lot of potential to do something really cool sitting right there. Remember your OEM console probably has a few switches in it, and is shaped to fit the tranny tunnel. If you can find a battered stock console in a J/y for a template it would probably help you out a great deal.You can even use 2 part epoxy to glue roving to it. If you do it right, it should look like it belongs there. If you do it wrong...well....It'll be on thereifixedit. I look forward to seeing the rest of this build. So there.
  5. Nope, most cars do it. if it worries you that much, turn it off, then put it in park.
  6. Looks pretty normal. the engine speeds up because it's not under load.
  7. Does anyone else here watch justified?

  8. North korea is best korea

    1. Tungsten


      Japan is better than any Korea

    2. LostNcrRanger


      Ah yes, japan, the new Ukraine.

  9. Best writeup ever! Mods should sticky this so it's easy to find.
  10. ^ Has caused more environmental problems then a WD21 ever will.
  11. I'll take it off your hands ty. $8 and some bellybutton lint. Edit: Found a paperclip. Add that. That's my final offer.

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