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  1. I broke it as i removed it. It wasn't salvagable.

  2. Hey... did you remove the upper part of the brushguard??? It is for sale???

  3. time to replace clutch...

  4. light bar for a 2 door path, rear spoiler, grille guard......
  5. Fred

    WD21 @ Germany

    Found this on the net....
  6. Fred

    WD21 @ Germany

    check this one.....kyosho 1:9 scale
  7. Fred

    WD21 @ Germany

    You can fin it at www.towerhobbies.com, item number 17011. It cost around $15.00 kyosho made one in the early 80´s full rc 1/5 scale....
  8. Does a website exist for original accesories?
  9. I install HID´s in headlights, and foglights, in total 3 pairs of HID. I change the headlights for clear ones
  10. Hey everyone... Does some of you have the tiny problem that your rear wiper just stop working....or it just stop in the middle of the rear window....or has a mind of its own....Well I just find out what was the problem in mine. If your pathfinder has the rear window that can be opened, well theres a switch in the rear window lock, the purpose of this switch is that when you open the rear window and the rear wiper is on, this will stop the rear wiper operation. If this switch is faulty just disconnected this switch (green connector) and the rear wiper start operating again. If this does not work in your pathfinder, may be your problem is at the rear wiper relay, which is located at the rear left pannel.... Fred
  11. It´s not a joke!!! It has a 4 cylinder 2.4 Liters engine with Safary Turbo system..........
  12. Thanks!!! They are not factory seat covers, its custom made and cost me around $50.
  13. Hello everybody!! Sorry for my late introduction. My Name is Fred and I live in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, Central America. I have a 1992 Pathfinder Japanese version 2 doors with 190,000 kilometers (118,750 Miles) that I bought brand new to my local Nissan Dealer 17 years ago.....It´s my baby and I will never sell it.... Here are some pictures with a little description, hope you like it. http://s700.photobucket.com/albums/ww1/fgls29/
  14. I bought my HID´s on ebay with hi and low Hid, it cost around $130.00. What you may do is lower a bit your headlights that will help for the others drivers..

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