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  1. Thanks... I can't wait for winter to subside and the summer wheeling schedule to begin. I will have several thousand miles on the X by then so a scratch or two...no biggie, right??
  2. Oh I know....I was just messing around...I should have put a or a
  3. All right. I took these pics....didn't edit them, crappy office digicam (very old), industrial location, terrible sunlight. That being said, here is the X. X Pics
  4. Pictures...I know I know. I picked up the X yesterday (Monday) afternoon and I've been slammed at work AND I'm going out of town tomorrow. That being said...you're right. When I get home this evening I will snap some pics. By the way...I LOVE the X...
  5. LOL It's funny...I pick up the X on Monday (tomorrow) and am leaving town for a week on Wednesday. I have no idea when I will get to do some wheelin', but I will make a point of taking some pics and posting them when I do!
  6. Yeah I thought of that...that's why I bought Granite. I think the scratches will show up less
  7. Just thought I'd give you all an update if anyone cares Went to the local Nissan shop today to peak at / drive a new X. Drove it. Bought it. What a GREAT vehicle. Bought a 6-speed Off Road. I want to thank all the members of this board for the help over the last few months. You guys are great...very helpful! For those of you in Colorado, let's go wheeling this summer!!
  8. Hmmmmm decisions decisions. Thanks for the input. I guess I will at least (lol) go test drive a new X...
  9. Generally I agree with people....spend a bit on the Pathy...BUT I inherited the Pathy, and it was NOT particularly well taken care of. That being said, I have put some cash into it and while there is nothing specifically wrong with it, I don't trust it. The pathy makes some strange noises, the clutch is weird, and I have a strange feeling that over the next couple of years I am going to drop some MAJOR cash to keep the Pathfinder on the road. Or on the other hand, am I just trying to justify the purchase of a new Xterra?
  10. Moderate off-roading, but this vehicle also is my daily driver and I tend to drive ~15k miles a year on the road. I live in Colorado and I do enjoy travelling where few others do...
  11. Hi- I currently drive a 2001 Pathy: stick, 3.5, 75k miles. I have been lusting after a lift, new rims/tires, manual hubs, etc. My questions is this...should I put the money into the Pathy or just go buy a new Xterra Off-Road edition (6-speed, 4.0, etc)? Any thoughts?
  12. So I just bought the K&N Intake http://www.knfilters.com/search/product.aspx?Prod=57-6011 I assume I should have no trouble with water getting sucked in unless I'm doing something REALLY stupid with my pathy? Thanks!
  13. http://www.nissanpathfinders.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=7355
  14. I do all the maintenance on my Harley, and I cut a plastic milk jug in half and that works great too!
  15. Similar question... Can I use my Monroe Reflex shocks and struts with the OME springs?
  16. Draining it is the easy part...getting the filter off is another story, however
  17. Do you just take it to the neighborhood change 'n lube? Do they charge you more because of the skids? I also worry about some idiot using an impact wrench on those shorty front bolts and busting them right off...
  18. Pezzy's hit the nail on the head. The problem is that the skidplates are HEAVY. In order to get the front skidplate off, the rear one has to be at least loosened, if not removed. These things weigh almost 80lbs combined. In fact, I used a jack when I installed the rear one just to hold it in place while I put the bolts in. I can't imagine how someone was able to change the filter without removing the skids but I will look again. BTW...I have a 2001 3.5...
  19. Uggh....I figured those were the answers lol... I do use Synthetic Mobil1 with extended intervals...I guess I will just have to 1) cut them or 2) take them off every time. Thanks for the suggestions.
  20. Hey Guys & Gals... I ordered and installed Black Panther Armor Skidplates...and now changing the oil- specifically the filter seems to be a real nightmare. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!!
  21. If you're right, that would be fantastic.
  22. Hey everyone- Thanks for all the answers and sorry for the delay in responding....I guess I will have to pull the gauge cluster if I want to disable them. sigh. As always, thanks for the help/information....folks on this board certainly have a wealth of it...

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