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  1. Can't do Sunday on the long weekend though, looks like I'm headed east on Saturday. Damn. Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk
  2. Tahuya on memorial day weekend? Yes. Getting the x off pavement would make me feel better. Though I'll still be the sissy in the group, by far!
  3. Sorry I've been radio silent. Dealing with craigslist is no fun. But a guy came by yesterday that will likely buy her tonight. Sad. I'll need a Tahuya run to break in the X either way!
  4. Maybe! Though I may just get the transmission swapped by then, too. I'm finding better than expected prices. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  5. I'm daydreaming of another trail run in her. Would be limited to 1st and 2nd gears only. Might be asking to be towed out... Either that, or trying to do wheelies in 2-low this weekend,then donating her. Just want one more good memory.
  6. Good news is, no interest so far. A big part of me hopes I'm "stuck" with her...
  7. Hey all, bad news. My '94 lost 3rd gear as an end result of an oil-underfilled manual transmission. Wish I'd known about that TSB when I had a shop do the work, but that was years ago, and I trusted the shop to do it. Damn. Anyway, I'll be putting up an ad in the for vehicles for sale section. If someone here wants to swap the transmission out, you'd have yourself a pretty solid truck for damn cheap. And I'd be REALLY happy if it went to a good home. I hope this doesn't mean goodbye. If you've been on a trail run with me, you undoubtedly helped me along, and I've enjoyed and appreciated every bit of it. (Oh, and Derek, I still have your spare TREs!) I did end up picking up an Xterra last year, and if you'll have me, I hope to join you on another run in the future. And nothing says my WD21 days are over... while I do really like the new X, I LOVED my Wigwam. I'm torn apart to let her go, but other circumstances left me with too many vehicles, and something has to give. I can't see myself spending the money to fix her up, when I could put that money into another project instead. Damn again. Matt
  8. Damn, I have to figure out how to get notifications from this site... Wish I could go this year, but just saw this last night, and can't put it together that quickly. Derek, I still have your spare TREs! Maybe I can drop them off for you when I head south for Thanskgiving. My steering is holding up great, and the transmission synchro issue hasn't gotten any worse. And I also just bought a new Xterra that I would love to take through Tahuya, but I don't even have plates yet, so I'm not ready to pull the trigger on that. Sorry that I'll miss it this year, I've enjoyed every time I've been able to make it.
  9. Mine did this, it was just the battery tie down was broken. The battery was moving just enough to break that circuit. Quick check would tell you for sure.
  10. No, but Calmini sells center link tie rod ends that go with their center link. So I'll order those direct from them.
  11. As a follow-up, it took about 2 seconds of searching to realize that skimping on centerlink TREs is a bad idea. I'll just order from Calmini. Ignore that part above...
  12. Should I buy three Parts Master outer tie rod ends, for $40, and have a spare for if/when one fails (I hit a trail once a year), or spend $80 on two Moog ones? Yes, I searched. I only found one thread in the R50 forum, from someone who ordered the Moog part, received a Parts Master box, and promptly returned it to the seller. But no feedback on actual Parts Master experience. With some general online searches, it sounds like Parts Master is a store brand, which buys parts from the major manufacturers, but those parts will not be the same as the original from the real manufacturer. But they should be at least OEM quality (??). To say it another way, the Moog ES3375 outer tie rod end is a better unit than the Parts Master ES3375, which is made to be "like" the Moog unit but may or may not be made by Moog. I know that I should buy the Moog units, and want to buy the Moog units, but I'm on a tight budget. At the same time, I haven't been able to drive my truck for months, as I bent enough steering components on the last trail run to throw my alignment way out of whack. Lots of parts to buy, so I'm trying to make careful decisions. I found a used Calmini HD steering setup, but am replacing all the tie rod ends before installing it. I found inner tie rod ends for under $10 each on rockauto.com. But still have to buy outers, and centerlink TREs. I might add a second thread looking for options on the CL TREs... but I need to search first. About the truck: JGC springs, and torsion bars are cranked. I'm a trail beginner, but the Northwest guys have taken me along a few times and I'm getting a little confident each time. I'd like to get aftermarket UCAs, and torsion bars, in that order, but again, price drives the upgrade schedule. Also, I'm thinking of selling the daily driver, since I like driving the Pathy so much, which would turn it into the DD.
  13. I've started posting pictures here: http://www.nissanpathfinders.net/forum/topic/36552-elbe-run-northwest-npora/ I can't get video to work...
  14. OK that was AWESOME. Sorting through pictures now. We were talking while on a break yesterday, and wanted to encourage everyone else, especially new members, to come on out and hit the trails with us. As a newbie myself, I can tell you that this has been a great experience. Each time I've gone, I am more impressed with the capabilities of the truck, more confident with picking lines and knowing what to do, and therefore able to do more. And I've had a great time each time. This is a good group of people, who help each other along when needed. While I love my truck, it's the group of people that I've met going on these runs that keeps me going - I know that they'll keep me safe, help me get through obstacles, teach me the things I need to know along the way, and will make sure that I make it back out in one piece. I was hesitant to go to Elbe, knowing that it was a tougher trail than I've done yet, but I trusted this group, and have no regrets. Except for backing into that stupid rock. Kyle, hope you made it all the way home with no surprises.

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