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    It is my first 4x4 and SUV ans i love it. Just the ability to go most anywhere is great. I don't know much about Pathfinders or 4x4's but I am going to bridge that gap. Right now it's just a stock ride with 170k and aftermarket stereo and speakers.
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    Independence, Or.
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    Wrench And Socket Set Mechanic
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    Weekend Warrior
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    Independence, Or.
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    I love life even though it sucks sometimes. I'm a family man so they are first and foremost, I'm a huge baseball fan, most sports in general. I love my Xbox360, music, movies, t.v. and beer. Just kinda a regular guy.
  1. nice to hear man. its pretty tough to find a job here in/around Salem, i've been out for over a yr. and if it wasn't for the gf's job we'd be really up a creek. hey you ever hear of Nor Sky? i think thats it, im pretty sure its the same type of stuff your doin. anyways a good friend of mine from back in the day is the area supervisor. im not sure where im goin with this anyways, hopefully i'll get off this no-job boat soon. Pepsi should be callin!
  2. lakeside707


    a drunkin manly stud! yes!
  3. lakeside707


    very much agreed! whats the point?
  4. lakeside707


    wow! and i thought i liked beer. i like and drink many types of beer, from the so called "piss or water" types Bud, Coors, Miller, Tecate. to Widmer Bros., Pyamid, Sam Adams, Bridgeport and Rogue. my all time favorite is a local seasonal, very hoppy IPA from Rogue River Brewery. it's called Independence Hop Ale, the hops are grown and harvested in Independence (hence the name) then immediately driven 77 miles to the brewery and tossed in the brew kettle. it's good, clean, crispy, hoppy flavor that's not to sharp. delicious, sucks it's seasonal tho. Pranqster huh? i'll have my brother grap a six for me when he comes up in June.
  5. ya i've taken measurements of mine i just thought maybe somebody has done or heard of something like this. i went to a local wrecking yard that only dealt with american and i told the guy that i was looking for a roof rack with certain measurements. he asked what make and i told him it was a nissan but i wanted to look around to see if anything would fit, "he said you won't find anything here" and ended the conversation by answering the phone just as i was about to ask another question. jerk i know i just need to get out there, just tryin to get a good idea of what to look for, thanks guys.
  6. ya i was just wondering how close they were to fit and if it were that easy or not to just throw one on. i think izuzu made the rodeo from 91-96 then turned into the honda passport. and the tape measure comment from greg, funny but not really. nice try tho
  7. I've been lookin for a factory roof rack for my pathfinder at the local wrecking yards for awhile and been coming short. They either have no pathfinders or pathfinders with no roof racks. i'd rather pay around $50 for a factory used than 3 times that much for a yakima or thule, I really want a cargo basket but that will have to wait. But what about an izuzu rodeo rack? isn't it almost like the same rig? are the roof lines fairly similar? my roof is naked, no gutters, no tracks, no nothin except the hump in the middle. it's gettin close to christmas tree huntin time and i wanna strap it to my pathfinder instead of the mini van which has a roof rack. it can be done right?
  8. it is entertaining, but baseball is my favorite sport.
  9. i like the border version, maybe without the website tho. most people now days have computers or have access to them and if they really wanted to know what NPORA was all about, all they would have to do is search NPORA and here you have it. it just seems kinda cluttered with the website under it or on the side. imo
  10. how about a side by side comparison? plain o'l white works for me.
  11. hey i'll come pick 1 up, i go up too Tualatin/Beaverton once a month. it'll probly be in a couple weeks or so $20 you say?
  12. sweet thanks man, i'm trying to keep my rookie questions to a minimum.

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