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  1. hey bud i've been watching some of your vids on youtube an you got a awesome pathfinder!!!! wut kinda rearend do you have under it? an where could i get crawlin gears an will they be good for daily driving? hope i aint buggin ya with the questions outta all my buds i'm the only one with a 4x4 so asking them for ideas and tips is kinda point less

  2. I removed the nomination. I agree with the majority that if it's not a Pathy it shouldn't be eligible. If you break the rules for some where does it end. Besides there are thousand of eligible Pathies on here that the owners would love to see get TotM. I know the guy in with the HB will understand... I bet that pic would win TotM on NOR, or Nissan4wheelers in a heartbeat.
  3. Feel free to skip the first 1:25... My jaw was on the floor from 1:25 - 7:30.. (Be sure to view full screen in HD)
  4. When I was a truck driver(over ten years ago) I shut down an interstate with my rig after seeing a fatality motorcycle accident happen about 200 yards in front of me. The guy on the bike was passing a car that decided to pass the truck in front of it. I stopped and then watched about 20 cars squeeze pass dangerously close to the biker laying in the road seconds after it happened. I just put the truck back in gear and turned sideways across the interstate effectively blocking the whole thing. The emergency vehicles were able to head northbound in the southbound lanes to reach the accident. I was thanked by the first couple of cops to arrive who then informed me that I could go around the wreck on the shoulder while they shut the interstate down for the next 4-6hrs... 3 cars and my big rig got to leave before they officially shut it down as a thanks for the help. I reported 4 cars license plate #'s that I got wrote down for failure to stop and render aid.. I wish I could have gotten them all written down, but didn't think about it till I got sideways and re-parked. By then the first several thru were long gone. BTW: Failure to stop and render aid is a third degree FELONY in Texas which is where I'm from and were this all happened.
  5. Why do some people blur out or mess up the license plates on vehicles in their pics and videos? I did it when I first started uploading pics,(years ago) but only because I'd seen so many others doing it that it just seemed right at the time. I thought about it one day and decided that since anyone can take a pic of my trucks plate at the place I'm wheeling(not to mention anywhere else it may be) and upload on the web with out blocking the plate... Why should I.? Does anyone have a good reason for blocking plates in their pics? Just wondering.
  6. I contacted Warn about my busted hub cap since I saw people on here talking about getting free parts from them. I just got my brand new replacement cap in the mail and all I can say is WOW!!! I didn't have to pay for shipping or anything... When it comes time to buy hubs for the D44, I'll definitely buy Warn Premiums.. Not to mention looking into a winch from them if I can save up some $$$.
  7. I would luv to score some OEM manual hubs myself. I hear the best place to look is on HardBodies. What would be totally awesome would be a set of factor manual hubs attached to the Patrol H233B front axle.
  8. I've only heard of Warn Hubs exploding once, and that was here. I've seen two mile markers and a stock hub on an xterra be destroyed in ONE DAY!! Two other mile markers on a different trip destoyed by a pathy(hoohaa's), but I was guiding a different group that day so I heard about it at camp that night. I have a slightly busted Warn premium on the drivers side from a road accident..(the warn hub ripped off some morons bumper that pulled out in front of my pathy) I have been wheeling on that hub a few times since expecting it to blow at any time... It's still holding up good.
  9. TrailChaser

    Dog Days

    Here is my beautiful princess pumpkin poo dog. lmao(her name is Jackie, but we all call her poo dog, princess, punkin, punka poo dog, and any combo of the BPPPD.(unless she's in trouble... Then it's JACKIE!!!) She's a heeler.(Australian Cattle Dog) By far the smartest dog I've ever known. She an offroader. She's a family dog. She's a hooker,,er I mean fisherdog. She dealt with having that hook in her ear like a champ. Just laid there trusting dad with the cutters and barely flinched when I cut off the eye of the hook, and then just laid there and let me pull it the rest of the way thru. She's also famous. lol
  10. With my rear sway bar removed and the front end cranked up to the point that I have hardly any downward travel for the front wheels; I know exactly what you are talking about and have pretty much perfected the "art" of 3 wheel motion. Turning both ways... The question I have for you is.. How long can YOU hold that tire off the ground??? I can get the front tire smoking on a concrete parking lot. lmao I do it on the public streets ALL THE TIME.(because I know just how fast I can turn w/out rolling and I hate driving on roads so faster = less time behind the wheel) It's my truck and I do all types of illegal stuff in it with no worries. The list includes: 3 wheeling, speeding,(unless I'm speeding up or slowing down) NOT wearing my seat belt,(it's my life, I say write me a ticket if you want pigs) Jumping curbs to aviod traffic, and I talk mad $#!* on my PA system to people who need to hear it. Not to mention that I would blow my super loud air horn at the slightest driver mistake.(until it got ripped off from blazing thru a big water puddle at high speed..karma.?)
  11. I've been wanting a rc crawler for a while. I bet I've watched no less than 20hrs of rc crawling videos on youtube. Lots of times the rc vids are better shot, & more exciting than the real life crawlers vids.
  12. I like to spend alot of time at the lake that is about 3mins away. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qpCvFz1fVO8 The river is also about 3mins away and it provides some of the best trout fishing in the south. I LOVE snorkeling, but I can never find anyone to go with me so have to live dangerously. lol I like metal detecting and have found some crazy stuff.(not to mention quite a bit of gold)
  13. Thanks to everyone who voted for me. Also thank you Cuong for taking the pic and nominating me this month. It's hard to believe that I haven't been wheeling in OVER TWO YEARS..! I need to get some work done on the Pathy and get back on some trails. I really miss the rush and great feeling you get from making it thru some crazy technical stuff that others cringe at.
  14. To each his own... You could just as easily be killed in a wreck on the way to buy a spring compressor or taking it to the shop. Life is full of risks.. It's better to be smart than scared... That being said most people who die at home die while doing "normal" tasks.
  15. I just compress the springs with weight, then putting a couple of ratchet straps on the spring to hold it compressed while I put it onto the lower spring bucket. Then jack up the axle until the spring gets compressed again by the truck weight and take the straps off the springs and repeat on the other side. All I do to accomplish this is remove the panhard rod, swaybars, and shocks. There are lots of ways to compress the springs with weight, I doubt any of them are "safe" I have a shop floor jack that works perfect. Also be careful of having the straps sliding on the springs. A zip tie on the downhill side of the strap on top and uphill side on bottom will stop it from slipping. Edited to say* That hitch will definitely handle the weight of the truck if you want to jack from it. I have a hitch carrier that I used to install into the receiver hitch to lift the whole backend of the pathy off the ground before I built my rear bumper..

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