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  1. I have not had a ton of cars, but non have had such a stupid filter location (97 3.3L)
  2. I picked up an OEM style aftermarket remote. Terrible quality, the portion that loops through a key ring has broken in multiple places. Any other style/model year remotes that will work? Im using the KOBUTA3T right now. Looks like this one https://www.ebay.com/itm/Fits-1999-2000-2001-2002-Mercury-Villager-Keyless-Entry-Remote-Key-KOBUTA3T-2x/112769706650
  3. Looks like you did a 2”lift. How are the 32” tires? Rubbing anywhere? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Ring says they will replace the camera for free if you file a police report stating it was stolen which is good to know if i decide to go this route. I will probably stop by a metal shop and see if they can tack a small piece of sheet metal over the passenger side door, spray paint it, and just be done with it. I have a good locksmith nearby, hopefully they can re-key a replacement driver side door lock. Sheet metal is not damaged on the driver side.
  5. I was thinking about buying a Ring battery powered camera and sticking it inside. If it gets stolen at least the video gets uploaded to Ring.com. Unfortunately my WiFi does not reach the street, im at the back of the apartment building. Would have to ask a neighbor to use their wifi.
  6. Filed a police report, don't expect anything to come of if, really just to have the crime reported on some metric somewhere I guess. Officer said they were probably trying to steal it if they came back again. WTF!?!? Who wants to steal this old bucket? So I parked it in my apartments gated spot. Had to move my slightly nicer car to the street for now.
  7. So this happened the night before last. This morning I find that they tried the driver door now. Now neither door will accept my key.
  8. Even with all the cars here in LA, its a joke trying find anything. It's all auto dismantlers and the pick a part places are picked clean daily. Plus, who would buy this god awful teal color.
  9. I guess good on Nissan for not letting them get into this 20+ year old car. But damn, I wish they did get in easier because they destroyed the sheet metal around the lock too so its just floating in the hole now. Could have broke the window and I would have been much happier than even attempting the lock. Even sillier, i don't think the rear hatch was even locked at the time that this happened. Anyone have a spare passenger door in this horrible teal color lying around? lol.
  10. EDIT F’ing ran out of gas! Fuel Gauge stopped moving at half full. Filled back up and gauge shows full again. Will be monitoring closely now. Glad I didn’t kill the pump What part most likely? Also. Took 17 something gal. Isn’t the tank 20-21? ———————- Waiting. For a tow right now. 97 3.3 auto. Engine started cutting out today, mostly when coming to a stop and the RPMs dropped under 1k. Started back up fine. Starter sounds good. That was on the way to work. coming home, same thing. But would only start up with the headlights off. With them on it would crank but would not start. Turn headlights off, it would start up. this worked maybe 10 times trying to get home. Then it got really hard to start up and would cut off very quickly when it would drive it wanted to cut off and power delivery was extremely jerky, full on, then nothing. Then on then off then died. now it still cranks and tries to start but stumbles off before i can get it to move an inch. so. Any ideas ?
  11. Really have not done anything to this relatively new to me truck. I will look into this, any post on how to service this handy?
  12. Ugh, started cutting out today without the heater on. Seems to be happening when coming to a stop, idle is maybe dropping a little more than it should and engine dies.
  13. Tried driving a couple more times at night with the heater on but no cutting out. Engine has never just shut off like this before. I think the 2 times it did cut out it was in the 40s. Has not been that cold since. I try again on a colder night.
  14. Thats it, Pathfinder is new to me, first time ive used the heater. Im in LA and its only dropped into the 40's a couple days so far. Turned on the heater and after maybe 10-15 min, the engine cuts off. Put it in park and it turns over no problem. Only used the heater twice, but same issue both times I tried it. Ideas?
  15. Im in Los Angeles, just wrecking yards that are too far away, too many rules, and too picked clean to even bother.

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