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Hello guys,


i am new to the group and I need some help with my WD21 1990 2.7TD 4x4. e


1. My rear differential pinion seal is leaking resulting in mudbath in my rear diff, I want to change it but i am not sure what kind of a differential i have on, previous owner said It has LSD but i do not see a sticker on the diff, but i guess it could be torn off over time since this car swa a LOT of offroad action. Anyway, If somebody can help me identify the whole thing. On the back side it has stamped 2CVB, on the front are si stamped ND0673 and 180, the engine is 2.7TD 1990. I am asking because in the manual (altough for petrol engines) it states that this seal should not be changed while the diff is on the car because of the collapsible spacer. Can somebody give me some info and if i can do it while it is on the car? Saadly i cannot share photos because they are bigger then 150kb. The diff itself doesn't have a access plate behing it so it can be open just by removing the diff from the axle housing from the front side.


2. I would like to find a full manual for 2.TD, i have one for petrol engines and a partial one for TD version or just the electrical diagrams would be very helpful :). 


3. I am looking to modify the engine, open up the injection pump, 3inch exhaust, water intercooler and a better turbo. Can somebody suggest me what turbo would be the best, i don't want a too big turbo because it takes long to turn it over just something for better performance. I noticed there is also a smal tube going to the metal tube (the one with turbo sign on it) on the top of the engine where intercooler would be, what does it do?


4. I would also like to ask what are the red and black button for on the dash next to the window heater switch. My car also doesn't have foglights is it just the switch missing or were some models just without one?. 


I kindly thank to everybody for help. Iam also doing some great mods in the future that I wanna show :).


Kind regards 

Samo from Slovenia

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I think the four-cylinder trucks got the C200 rear end, which does use a crush sleeve. There's a data plate near the wiper motor that should have the gear ratio (HG43 or HG46) if you'd rather track down a used rear end than rebuild yours. If these were available with the V6 in your market, you may be able to track down the H233B rear end, which does not use a crush sleeve.


LSD is marked by an orange sticker that says "use LSD oil only," but you should be able to tell by trying to spin a rear wheel by hand with the rear end jacked up. If it spins the other wheel the other way pretty easily, it's an open diff.


I haven't found a full service manual for the diesel trucks, but this manual covers the engine. The '90 US-market service manual from cardiagn.com or the '94/'95 from Nicoclub should get you close enough on the rest of the truck. The PD section covers the rear end.


Fog lights are a pretty common option, at least over here. Different bumper inserts, relay near the wiper motor, rocker switch on the console, little added wiring. That harness was bundled with the alarm system on mine, suggesting it was installed at the same time, probably by the dealer. Neither system is in the service manual.


The only black and red switch I remember seeing on one of these was a Russian (?) market hazard light switch. If your mystery switch isn't the same style as the rest of the dash switches, I would assume the PO added something. Follow the wires.


And yeah, gotta host pictures elsewhere and link them in, unfortunately.

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thank you for advice :), I lifed the car and indeed it is an open diff so further actions were pretty straight forward with no complications :). That means that i will now put a rear locker at least in the back without lossing LSD. 


Thank you very much i will save it on my PC, it will help me a lot :) .


I do have some wiring behind the dash so i assume they are for fog lights, i will get a switch and check it out. 


Well yes thats the thing they don't have any wires but the red one is the same as in some patrols (maybe for glow plugs or something?).


Anyway a little update, i am getting a ARB bullbar and runva winch on it with dual batterie set up for some additional lights, skid plates and probably OME or trailmaster lift kit.

I am looking forward to wheeling in this beast, later this summer i will add water intercooler and turbo upgrade along with opening the injection pump and all the proper gauges (EGT, turbo pressure...)


Thanks for the help :) 

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