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WD21 SAS and Manual Swap Project


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The Pathy is on it's way. Paid 400 for it and it came with a hardbody I sold for 800 after pulling the motor. $1k in parts roughly. Pics and progress and videos coming soon. I'll be up there at my farm in Oklahoma to finish it for over a week coming up in a few days.



the image size thing is wildly small. lol 


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3 hours ago, Slartibartfast said:



Haven't seen an SAS on here in a while! Waggy D44?


Better to host images elsewhere and link them in, I think most people use imgur. 


-- Sterling 10.5's off a 2001 4x4 F250 7.3


k5 8" lift 2.5" leafs all the way around.  Stay tuned :)

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