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R51 rear suspension: can I just replace bushings and ball joints?

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Hello guys,

I have 2 related questions please:
#1) can I just replace the bushings and ball joints from the upper/lower rear control arms, instead of the full control arm?

#2) Do they match any of the parts for the front control arms or any other parts from any other truck. 


My reasons are because I might need to do a full rear suspension refresh, but I'm not in the USA, and some parts in my country are either not available or too expensive, so it's cheaper for me to import small parts like bushings instead of a pair of big control arms. I also have cheap access to a press so it'd be super cheap to press them myself. 2011 4wd Pathfinder. 

Hopefully I made myself clear, TIA.

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Looks like the rear ball joints are retained by a snap ring, so if you can find parts, it should be possible to swap them out. Unfortunately I'm only seeing separate bushings and joints listed for the front end on Rockauto, and whole arms only on nissanpartsdeal (the exploded diagram shows the arms with the joints/bushings installed). No idea if they match the fronts, or any other vehicle. You could compare bushing size vs your front end to see if they're in the right ballpark. Maybe pick up a set of used arms from a wrecking yard? If they're not better than what you've got, you could take them apart, get dimensions, and see if you can find joints and bushings that'll fit before you tear your truck apart.


There aren't many active R51 owners on here, so you may find more info elsewhere. Good luck!

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