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Need help in NSW - D21 Carby problems

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Hey all, new account here as I couldn't for some reason recover the password on my normal account (Sim) if any admins see this I'd put love some help with fixing that, but I've made this temporary account until I can fix it as the problem below is more pressing for me right now.


My Pathfinder (89 D21 with Z24 dual spark) has a recon (gem) engine that's about 7,000 km old and a year ago I parked up in my brothers shed as I was going travelling on my motorbike. I've come back this week from the NT to collect it and drive it back.


So I got it registered again, and ouch, doesn't that hurt, and everything was ok except it just seemed down on power so it is booked in to a mechanic for Monday, but the car didn't want to wait that long..


Yesterday arvo I went to drive out to meet my brother at the pub for a beer, I accelerated and then it wouldn't decelerate... Soooooo, I shut it off, rolled to a stop and went over everything... Pedal moves freely and returns, all springs are attached, throttle body clear and butterflies move freely and return as expected, throttle pump working just fine...

So the mechanics that I have it booked in at on Monday said check the float bowl and needle..


Soooooo, pulled that apart and found the float not quite stopping flow at horizontal, so I adjusted that slightly and promptly lost the little brass spacer on the end of the float mounting rod...


So I searched for ages in daylight and at night with a really bright torch, but nothing... I've managed to put it all together using a little zip tie that's about the same size, so it's just holding the float so it can't move sideways...


Or everything together, turned on ignition, no leaks once fuel pumps up, started it and it still revs its guts out.. I used a rag to block half the carby so I could drive it in the driveway to get it off the nature strip...


So I am thinking I need another carby, this one is a Chinese replacement from about 5 or so years ago but I can't seem to find another one.


Does anyone have a carby that works properly that they'd like to offload? Or can anyone suggest an after market carby, holley or whatever that will bolt straight on? I wouldn't mind an after market one that'll give this Z24 a bit more grunt tbh.


I'm basically stuck between a rock and a hard place, I have to get back to Alice Springs to work and I'm fast burning through money, I don't really want to ride my motorbike back and not take the Pathfinder after all that was the entire reason for riding over was to collect it and some belongings.


I'm currently just out of Armidale, I'm totally at a loss as to what's happened, if I have to I'll drag the thing to the mechanics for Monday but I'd prefer not to as that wasn't exactly what they were looking at.


Anyway, would love any suggestions!


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The W/D21 in the US all had EFI, so I've never worked with that particular carb. I would be tempted to tear it down and see why that venturi is loose, and what effect it might be having, but without a rebuild kit you might just get yourself into deeper trouble. The engine shouldn't be able to rev up much if the throttle blades are closed, unless air is getting around them, or getting in from somewhere else. Is there any high-idle setup on that thing? Wax motor that cracks the throttle when the engine is cold, or a solenoid to kick up the idle when aircon or power steering are active? I know some carbs crack the throttle open when the choke is set. Doesn't look like it is, but I would still have a poke at the linkage for that, make sure it's not hung up. Also make sure the screws for the throttle plates haven't come loose and let one of them shift enough that it's catching on the wall and not closing all the way. I remember some carb I worked on wouldn't close all the way until I loosened the throttle plate screws, let the throttle plate center itself in the bore, then tightened them up again.


It could be getting air from a big vacuum leak (carb gasket, brake booster), but if the air's not going through the carb, the mixture will be way off, and I would not expect it to run well. 


Issues in the float bowl would make it starve or flood. Shouldn't make it run away. 

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