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Cam cover cracked on vq??


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swBSoDG.jpgI'm pretty stumped by this so hoping someone else can offer some insight. 


I'm finishing up the installation of an engine replacement in a 2002 Le and am faced with a few gremlins to chase. I suspect I have a stuck fuel injector so as I'm trying to sneak a screwdriver in to listen for tapping, I hear something "clink!" at the front of the engine, only to see oil spilling out of a cracked cam cover on the driver's side. Engine was shut down almost immediately, but I didn't notice any difference in idle or engine noise between when it happened, so I'm doubtful there is timing damage or a broken camshaft/gear however I'll look into it later. The engine has idled a few times previously for 1 - 3 minutes at a time with no strange or harsh noises, just fuel dripping from the  exhaust manifold and white smoke, hence the stuck injector.


Replacement engine history:

2003 model with 89k.

Replaced upper oil pan to accommodate crank sensors and swapped over whatever else was needed from the old engine.

Replaced all timing components before installation too.


So what would generate enough force from behind the cam gear to crack this piece of aluminum? Oil pressure?



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Cam phaser bolt was loose. Guess I'm going through all my bolts again to double check my work. ☹️


My take away from this is not to rely on memory for a project that gets worked on intermittently over the past 4+ years. 

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