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Ti Roof Rails Weight Limit?


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Hi Team,


Wondering if anyone can advise the weight limit on the Ti Roof Rails? I have read somewhere it's 100kg which seems small. I currently have 2x cross bars and a side awning up there, wanting to put up a roof top tent as well.



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Yes, on page 2-34 it states not to load the luggage rack with more than 100 lbs. I'm sure some of our fellow R50 owners have more than that on their luggage racks, as to how much weight you can get away with putting up there I'm not quite sure. I have seen others mount a rooftop tent and awning without having an issue. Just try to be mindful of how much weight you're adding up there that's all.

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I have a rooftop tent and side awning on my Ti rails. It's probably 120kg (260lbs) all up, then we have 2 people sleeping in there, so peaks around 300-350kg (660-770lbs) overnight.
Nothing has broken yet but I'm also not precious about dents and damage.

If anything, the feet of the factory rails are probably the first issue, as they are plastic. The rails are just some aluminium extrusions held between the plastic end legs.
I made my own cross bars, but they are no different to any off the shelf ones you'd buy. I do notice that the extrusion rail now squeaks in its foot when driving over any bumps. The extra weight up high is very noticeable in body roll around corners and has dropped my fuel economy by around 1 L/100kms

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