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Pathfinder for free if you can trailer it away


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Since this is a giveaway and not a sale - I figured it was ok to post here and would get more eyes


I have a dark green 2001 Nissan Pathfinder SE, manual transmission, 3.5 VQ engine (obviously), 4 wheel drive, 265k miles, 2 inch Automotive Customizers suspension lift, less than 1,000 miles on tires from 2019 so hopefully still good but they could have flat spots by now, K&N "cold air induction kit".


Engine knocks bad. Pretty sure it needs valve chain tensioner replacement. It was overheating as I limped it home. If I were doing it I'd just get a junkyard engine. Body is in good shape but the paint is tired on the roof and hood. There's a random assortment of parts to go with, nothing notable as far as value.


It will run long enough to pull onto a flatbed car trailer if that's what you have. But it is not "driveable" for any distance. You must be able to pick it up on your own with a trailer in South Dallas Texas area.


My wife will probably only tolerate it remaining at our house about 2 more weeks before she calls our local car donation/auction place to come tow it away. So if you are interested and can pick it up relatively quickly, let me know.



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Hi, sorry you were one day too late. Salvation Army took it for auction last Tuesday. My wife called them in the morning and they wanted to come by that afternoon. Unfortunately I had a really busy day at work and was unable to stop to remove parts.

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