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Pathfinder 2007 FM/AM Radio No Sound


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Hi all,

Have just pickedup a 2007 Pathfinder.
Issue is that the FM radio isn't working. It makes no sound, not even a hiss, even with the volume turned-up to max.
The CD player and BT phone all work fine, as does the amp etc, obvs.
The radio also seeks but finds nothing.

Have removed the fuse for the elec parts. This was in good condition, no corrosion and not blown.
Have replaced, no change.

Also, the car isn't remembering any settings between uses.

Any thoughts on this greatly appreciated.

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Generally a radio has two power feeds, a constant + and an ignition-switched +. I would check the radio plug for a constant + with the key off, and if it doesn't have one, that'll be why it isn't remembering your settings. I don't know why this would take the radio with it, though.


The radio in my dad's '03 had issues with not turning off, controls not working, all kinds of weirdness. We replaced it with one from the wreckers, worked fine after that. No idea what was wrong with it.

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