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I'm having a hard time finding any information on this. I have a 1988 Pathfinder 4x4 5spd that runs terrible. I've had nothing but trouble with the stock TBI since I've owned it, and I would much rather have MPFI. I have an opportunity to buy a 1993 Pathfinder 4x4 auto. I prefer the 2 door and 5spd over the 4 door auto. I would like to swap the VG30e from the 93 over to the 88. Has anybody done this, and what is involved? Is it as simple as swapping the engine and wiring harness, (and computer)? If the O2 sensors are different, can I swap the exhaust too? I believe the TBI engine bottom end is still ok, is it better/easier to just swap the intake and related parts? I thought I saw something about having to shorten the intake studs if I do this. I do like the idea of swapping to an entire engine that I know runs good. Does anyone know where I can find a write up of any of this being done? I need all the Information I can get. Thanks for your help. 

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It's been done. Haven't done it myself but I understand it involves swapping the computer, the wiring harness, and at least the intake (not sure about the studs, again, haven't done it myself). Bottom end should be the same. I'm not sure how much of the '93 harness you'll need, but I'd plan on using as much of it as you can to avoid compatibility issues. Putting auto wiring in a manual means you'll need to do a little messing around to keep the manual inhibitor circuit (what makes it not start if the clutch is in) rather than the auto inhibitor (park/neutral). Not sure on the oxygen sensor, probably best to use the one from the donor or plan to install a new one. I know there were two types used, but I'm not sure when the changeover year was (IIRC my '95 had a bigger sensor than my '93 does). If you do swap the whole engine, not a bad idea to do the timing belt and possibly some gaskets/seals while it's out.


You can get a '90 service manual off cardiagn.com that should cover the '93 pretty well (that's what I use for mine). I've got an '89 manual on Dropbox, shoot me a pm and I'll send you the link to that. Lots of wiring info in both, might help if you get stuck (and handy to have around anyway). The '89 manual might even help you figure out what's wrong with the TBI, though I understand wanting to get away from janky late-80s fuel injection. My dad's '87 F150 has some hokey speed-density bollocks on it that never worked right and we're about ready to put a carb on it.

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