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R51 rear SAS

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Having upgraded from my r50 to an r51, on the whole the r51 is a better vehicle. The main thing I miss from the r50, is the insane rear end flex it had. I had mine set up very nicely, with flexy lift coils and 11" travel Procomp shocks with no RSB.

The r51 just doesn't have that same feel offroad.


What I propose, is to swap the solid rear axle from a D40 Navara, and use a 4-link suspension design with triangulated upper links.


This should give me a vehicle with a nice flexy rear end, at the tradeoff of some diff clearance VS the IRS.


By using a d40 rear axle I also hope that the ABS, TC etc will still work.


I also plan on fitting the front diff from a navara too, as the diesels have a slightly better diff ratio for the 33" tyres I'm running on my petrol pathy.



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Should be a fun project.  Someone in one of my local groups is doing the same, except using the front and rear axles from a Titan...though, I presume the Titan isn't sold there?  Super popular swap here on D40/N40/R51 is the "Titan swap" where they move over the front suspension parts for more lift options and a wider track.


Is using the D40 leaf spring setup an option for you?  Wondering if the fuel tank may be in the way of one of the link positions.


There may be some challenges for retaining ABS items...I would expect that the tone rings between the R51 hubs and D40 axles are very different, let alone the sensors and such.  I'm not sure how susceptible the system is if you were to splice wires, but if the tooth count on the rings vary enough, it'll throw off the system.



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