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No start after transmission valve body replace


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I have an 07 SE.  It had the SMOD.  I bypassed the radiator and installed a new valve body.  Got an ebay valve body that came programmed.  After installing the valve body the car 1.) had a 4WD light, 2.) would not move out of what appears to be 4 Lo,  3.) shifted very rough, 4.) then the next morning is in no crank, no start.  Checked fuses they look good.


Ebay seller of the valve body says it may need to be flashed again.  Anything else I could check first?  I have not pulled any codes yet.

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Never delt with a pre programed valve body when I was working at the dealership. The various shops would simply do the trans work or replacement then send it over to get it programed. Haven't seen the trans program cause a no start either. Possible that the PRNDL switch is damaged, or misadjusted. When the trucks came in to have the trans flashed, they would turn on the warning lights and stay in first gear untill they got properly programed. 

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