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2016 PF SV - Radio/AC Control Unit fuse

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I was trying to install a Line Output Converter for a sub. After I installed it, I turned on the stereo and it worked just fine for like 1-2 min. Then the audio suddenly shut off and I saw "Audio Off" on the screen display. Then finally, the screen display went off too. 

After some digging around, I saw that the ACC power doesn't come on with the car (the pink wire). So, I have to replace the fuse in the diagram below. I literally checked all the fuses and did not find a 10A blown fuse. Anybody know the location for this #65 fuse?




Thank you!

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Did you check the fuses with a meter, or just visually? Check around the + battery terminal, looks like there's some kind of multi-fuse arrangement right on the terminal that you might've missed. Also check your wiring before just replacing the fuse, if it blew one it'll likely blow another until you find the problem.

I'd pull up the manual on Nicoclub and see if the electrical section gives any clues as to where the little blighter is, but their archive seems to be down at the moment. All their links are taking me to the Xterra index for some reason.

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