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Free frame in great shape

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Anyone want a free WD21 frame?  I'm in Salt Lake City, Utah.  I spent a weekend freeing it from a 93 or 94 at a pick-n-pull about 18 months ago on a whim.  It was in such great shape that I felt like I had to get it before the truck was crushed.  I intended on replacing my rusted out 94 frame, but I'm never going to get around to the project.  It's in really good condition, basically no significant rust, except for weld spots and such.  I am happy to take some photos.  All you have to do to have it is come to my house in Utah.  PM me, if interested.

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 Full ladder and 4x4??


Conversation with wife:

Baby? ummm, we have to make some changes to our vacation ot Cape Cod this year.

Oh, are we not going there?

Oh no no... we just have to make a small detour before we get there so I can pick up some Pathfinder parts!

Alright, as long as it isn't a big detour I guess that's okay.

Oh no... quite a small detour for a good frame.... we just need to swing by Utah after New Hampshire to go and get it and we'll be on the Cape in a few days!!

[enter new character: annoyance]


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more funny.
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