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cranking td27 without starting


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gidday all,,,

i would like to crank over the engine without it starting.

its a 1990 terrano auto.

the terrano has been sitting for about 3 months while i done some repair work.

i would like to get some oil pressure up before it starts.

whats the best method of doing this.

thanks in advance,



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Removing the glow plugs would do it for two reasons. One, it will be difficult as hell to start with no glow. Two, there will be no compression at all, and so it won't fire. I'd also recommend removing the fuse for the fuel pump and unplugging the output hose from the fuel filter in the engine bay to avoid spraying diesel everywhere. Although you will then have to re-prime the fuel system. Probably a good idea to change the fuel filter anyway if it's been sitting (or at least after running it for a little bit).


Good luck, the TD is a great engine.

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