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new R51 4x4 owner


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Hello everyone!  I just purchased a 2008 R51 4x4 S.  It has 90K miles and runs great.  Since I bought it I have been reading about the common transmission problems with this generation Pathy, so I am aware of the option to bypass the radiator cooler.  I did purchase the truck with a full warranty.  That being said, I am a little reluctant to bypass the radiator cooler and just run the factory external cooler because I don't want to void the warranty the truck came with.  So, my question is...  Is there an aftermarket radiator I can switch the factory one with to remedy future failure from the factory radiator leaking?  Or do I just let it go and if it fails just repair it under warranty, because it would definitely be covered.  I have checked the tranny fluid and coolant often, and so far have not found any signs of the 2 fluids mixing.  The truck runs awesome, shifts great, and has plenty of power, so I don't really want to let it fail.  I just want to get everyone else's input.  Thanks in advance, and i'll have pics up as soon as I can take some nice ones out in the dirt or snow.  

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AFAIK the strawberry milkshake of death problem was only an issue with the original radiators, so a decent aftermarket rad would probably be alright. Having seen what happens when the stock cooler fails, I'd want to get that junk out of there.



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Hi all,


I'm also a new owner of a 2010 R51 4x4 and enjoying it thus far.


I've been reading about the SMOD issue and apparently I have the early 2010 rad in mine, which may be at risk of SMOD, but not to the extent that the earlier trucks were.


Should I just change the rad? Which aftermarket options are good? Option 2 is I could bypass it (if not already done). I do plan on towing with this truck, so adding a second external cooler might be a good plan. If so, what brand/size of second external cooler?




Gatineau, Quebec, Canada

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