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WD21 front cv axle spline count.

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I have looked and looked but no dice. 



What is the inner axle (some places call it half shaft) spline count? Planning on a turbo longish travel WD21 and want to retain 4wd. And this exact thing is kind of uncharted, which is weird in the 80s at least Nissan was big into desert racing and has only been done a few times. 


I have considered SAS since many ultra4 and pretty much all lesser classes in KOH run solid axles. So if I have to that route I will. 


If I can I would like to stay ifs or at the vary least look into what it would take. 


So far I think I'm thinking measurements on a 05 or newer frontier and see what it would take to graft or fab suspension mounting points. (don't bother telling me how much work it is bla, bla.....I know what's involved trust me) into my pathfinder, if the frame width is close, and use that as a starting point to do a "titan swap".


The thing is I would like to keep my 200a front diff because gear matching with the rear will work well.....perfect duh ....., possible width issues and its probably stronger. 


So in hopes I'm not too long winded, if the spline counts mach the WD21s the n50, frontier 05 or newer, which I'm pretty sure ether will accept a "titan swap", rugged rocks has extended "half shafts" (that's what they call them) that are chro-moly and I can use my inner cv and the rest can be titan and bonus the lug pattern matches. 

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Quite the challenge you've set yourself! :popcorn:

So to be clear... you're hoping to mount Fronty brackets to your frame, to fit Titan arms and hubs, with hybrid CV shafts made up of Titan outers, RR chromoly halfshafts, and WD21 inners so it'll mate up to your stock diff. Right?

I don't know the spline count for the WD21 halfshafts off the top of my head but I do have one on my scrap pile that I can check. There were two different types of CVs available for these (depending on engine type I think). I tried to hybridize them when rebuilding axles for my truck (I had two of each) and found that the inners from one type wouldn't mate with shafts from the other type. I guess that means you have two chances for Nissan to have used the same spline count on a WD21 inner that they did on a Titan, though I'd still be a little surprised if Nissan made anything that easy. I'll have a look tonight see what I've got.


Looks like you're correct on the lug pattern, provided you use the Titan hubs. The Fronty lug pattern is smaller for no well-explained reason.


This thread might have some good info for you as well, or at least a look at another way of doing it.

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Yes its quite the challange. I guess I like to take the path less traveled just for the sake of learning something new and for the challenge. Maybe others wouldn't be afraid to ether they have some inspiration. 


Yes that's what I'm going for. Now if they don't turn out to match than SAS I

it is. I'm trying to avoid as much custom stuff that requires a machine shop ie. 

axle shafts and mixed spline count silliness. If get the RR ones the brake a cv rather than the axle.


As far as general fab stuff goes its meh, its only metal and fire; humans have been outsmarting those things for thousands of years. 


Unfortunately I don't have loads of time to go out foraging the jy so I'm hoping people can help piece this together. You know the old adage.....talk is cheap.  


I have read that thread till my pores bled. I can see both sides and have studied (and still studying) the science behind both setups. That's why I am thinking about the titan swap. The hardest part will be braketry to mount and suspend said componants. 


I'm not looking to argue, that thread turned into a pissing match (like most do) and just looking for some info for one angle that I hope I can take. If nissan has the ducks in a row it would be the same and I might just be in business. 

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I had a look at the V6 halfshaft on my pile. Both ends are 27 spline. I think I purged the remains of the four-banger CV unfortunately, and I have no Titan bits to measure, so you may be on your own there. Pick up a Titan CV and break it down to see what you're trying to match.

Another possibility is if the cup size/style is the same, you could just put the ball or tripod assembly from the Titan CV into a Pathy CV cup. I'm not sure if I kept one of those around to measure and it seems like a long shot that it would be the same. Nissan's duck alignment is not the most reliable.

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That actually helps a lot!


Next time I go to the jy I'll have to find a titan or now that I know the splines for the pathy I can maybe find it on the net. 


It would be great if the inerds were the same. I know for sure the inner and outer cv on both is the cage and ball style so maybe they will interchange. The titan inner cv is the male and the pathy is a 6 bolt sooo.

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I was about to ask for that. We shall see I guess. The titans/whatever else had similar chassis used bolt on or splined end depending on year so maybe the bolt pattern will be the same and I would be in business.

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I have a plan! I was thinking to weld the holes and redrill the holes but the drivers side is the 5 bolt star pattern so that wont work. But I might be able to make a adapter cut from 1/4 or maybe 3/8 thick steel and use like 1/2/13mm tapered machine screws so they are flat and wont interfere with each other. I figure the only forces applied are rotational so maybe it wont just fall apart on its first run That way it just bolts right up and the only part that has to be made is the adapter being able to use oe parts from your vendor of choice. Hopefully the pattern in the titan cv, again considering I can find a bolt on style, is bigger than the bolt pattern on the pathy so the bolts are more spread out. Maybe I could make the adapters out of chro-moly so if it does bind the bolts will brake and not CVs or axles.


I will most certainly post my findings and hopefully find the easiest way to go about this so those who have W/D21s with moderate fab skills can pull it off with relative ease. All without major changes. 



Now if can get time to go to the jy.

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