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Power routing under headliner

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Anyone know exactly where the power for the dome lights in the back seats and cargo area run to? I got a dome light for the front, from a 4 door and gonna install it, just wondering if I'm gonna have to run more wire to the back or if it passes up near the rear view mirror.


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I had planned to do the same thing, but it's not quite as simple as I hoped. There were changes to the metal ribs under the headliner, and the 2-doors don't have a bracket that the 4-door map lights attach to. As for the wiring, it runs up the left hand A pillar, then over the door and around the sunroof (at least one a 1990 2-door).


I ended up giving up on the map lights, but wired an auto-dimming mirror and a Homelink transmitter from a Range Rover in that spot.



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