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Pulling plenum ?


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Planning to pull intake plenum. Seems like the only way to clean out the EGR/tube completely. The tube to throttle body isn't blocked, but I would say it 3/4 open as there is a carbon ring around the inside of the tube. If I could clean it without removing plenum I would - Taking suggestions?? Any words of wisdom on removing a heavily rusted EGR and pipe would be greatly appreciated as well?


If I have to pull plenum should I replace the thick washers (dealer calls them a spring/heater??) on the studs? I've already changed one of the rubber hose that's under the plenum. Have no idea if there are more???


Thanks ahead for any advice!

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I don't know the TBI, so I'm not much help there. I'm guessing the pipe is the same design, though, and it's a pain if it hasn't been off before. The threads on my '95 were rotten and did not survive removal; I was luckier on my '93 (probably because it's much less rusty in general). I recommend heating the hell out of the nut part that threads onto the valve, spraying into the threads with your choice of lube, and going after it with a wrench and a cheater pipe if necessary. (Leave it bolted on for this so you're not just prying against the pipe.) If it won't go, heat it some more. Maybe try quenching it with a wet towel to see if you can break up the rust that way. Good luck!


A dab of antiseize when you go to put it back together should make it easier to deal with later if you have to dig into it again.

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