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Possible water in gas tank, runs like crap until limp mode kicks on.

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Long story short I was parked for a weekend of light rain without a gas cap in place. I think rain water got into my half full tank. She ran fine for about 20 miles but upon next start up it idled at like 150rpm. Doesn't die just idles super low and the exhaust sounds like a muscle car with crap acceleration. After revving it for a bit or driving it will eventually activate the fuel limp mode and run fine, idle normally just cut fuel at 2850 or whatever it is.

I've had issues with limp mode before when I had a bad injector, but it was always in limp mode every start up because the coil went bad in the injector. With this new injector problem it tries to run both without realizing it's bad for a while. I filled the tank back up and threw some heet with injector cleaner in it.

What should I do about this injector? I'm about to pull out the stethoscope to see which injector is not firing correctly, hopefully it's one I replaced last year so I can use the warranty. I could live with it for a while if it stayed in limp mode but sometimes it takes a while to activate and the truck is useless until it does.



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