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r50 suspension parts in CANADA?


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Hello all my fellow Canadian members!


hoping to start a list of where everyone is getting their r50 parts from? More specifically suspension.


is there a location or supplier in canada for OME suspension products. trying to avoid outrageous shipping and duty costs. RockyRoadOutfitters wants $1300 for a set of OME Spring delivered.... almost $500 just for shipping... AND THATS IN USD....AND JUST FOR THE SPRINGS.


I have found a few 4x4 part suppliers, but none of which supply lifting coils for the r50.



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Nope. this is the PITA we get for living where we do and choosing a truck that nobody else thinks is cool. In the end the OME struts and springs I installed were worth it. Way better ride quality than the KYB and Monroe I had before. built beefier as well.


BTW, Rockyroad is asking $167 USD per Pair of springs. and 7% duty and shipping to that and exchange rate of about .75C/ 1USD. I had a local guy import them for me and ended up paying about $400 for springs and $700 for the struts.

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I've yet to order from them, but check out thewrenchmonkey.ca

Tdotperformance.ca seems to be cheap as well.

I've also found https://www.autopartsway.ca/

I found someone as well who's selling Rancho in Canada for not too bad of a price, but I'll need to do some digging to find that link again.

Otherwise, we're mostly SOL on getting any really good parts without paying 74 cents to the American dollar.


EDIT: friggin eh, didn't read the OME part on your post there. I hope my links at least help some bit though.

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