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  1. hey all. just wanted to give an update on this mod as I have just finished and completed it myself, following Harwarish instructions and it really was pretty simple and straight forward. little update with the switch that triggers the dash light. I pulled the door switch off a r50 pathfinder driver side door. it has a different connection compared to all other door switches, and the driver door switch matches the harness pigtail for the tire carrier. I did my install a little different. brought a note book with me to the wreckers and traced out the holes onto the paper and marked the lights as well and made a measurement to line up the paper and it was perfect for marking the holes for the carrier. just do 1 first for the bottom, drill it and install riv nut, do same for one on the top bracket, then mark all remaining. also. I found a 1999 SE pathfinder at my local junkyard that had factory installed rear tire carrier. I'll take some pictures and upload soon. truck needs a bath!
  2. Hello all my fellow Canadian members! hoping to start a list of where everyone is getting their r50 parts from? More specifically suspension. is there a location or supplier in canada for OME suspension products. trying to avoid outrageous shipping and duty costs. RockyRoadOutfitters wants $1300 for a set of OME Spring delivered.... almost $500 just for shipping... AND THATS IN USD....AND JUST FOR THE SPRINGS. I have found a few 4x4 part suppliers, but none of which supply lifting coils for the r50.
  3. OME MD I presume? Has anyone used 1.5 OME MD with a 1" or 1.5" spacer? How have the cvs held up with this set up?
  4. Hellllllo everyone in the NPORA World! Love this forum, been reading on and off for a year as I have been looking for a low KM (In Canada here, eh) Pathy, and i have finally found it! 2001 Black Pathy LE loaded, has the AUTO 4by, 150000kms and lady driven with all receipts dating back to the day of purchase. She was a 7 hr drive north from my home residence in Calgary, Alberta, but worth the 2500$ I under paid for the rig. Now for the notorious LIFTing questions....... What the heck do I choose for a lift. The options are limited, but at the same time seem so endless between coils, SFD, And spacers. Now I'm not a heavy wheeler or off roader, but I dabble a time or 2. I live in the city, which is only 1 hr from the mountains where I go camping backcountry and do a lot of hiking and fishing with my dogs and gf. I also do a lot of highway driving as I am a woodland firefighter and my fire base is 6 hrs north of Calgary. I'm still in debates with myself with putting the Warn manual hubs on, but I have enough research, just need to decide if it something I want more than auto 4x4 ( which is pretty useless IMO). I like the idea of a lock switch to disable the auto, as kinda a stupidity reminder. 😁 I'm kinda against the 2" coil lift as per the top out people experience, and I am also quite concerned with blowing through CVs. Now the previous owner has replaced the entire front suspension assemblies, well the coils and struts and mounting plates/bushings/hardware, but the back is really sagging now and will need new coils and shocks anyways. I have 17" American Racing chromies from my 2011 Silverado that I would like to throw some 31 duratracs on, for the Pathy as its the same bolt pattern. So with this information, what are your opinions? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated and I appreciate all your knowledge you share my way. Oh and I will be doing the lift myself. I got a good set of tools and air, have done a lot of work on vehicles but this will be my first suspension lift! Thanks again! - CODY

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