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An interesting problem, needing advice 2.7TD

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Hi guys, I have a mystery problem with my engine. When it starts and I drive for a little bit it is great. Then after a few kilometres it starts missing on acceleration until the turbo opens up. Also there is a rattle/knock that hangs around occasionally in the lower rpm range. It also blows blue smoke on heavy acceleration.

The motor was rebuilt about 14000K's ago. It doesn't lack power much but the diesel pump after its rebuild seems to be out of sync or something.

Can anyone help me here online with a diagnostics check? There is oil in the intake also. The turbo was rebuilt at the same time. Could the oil be from the return valve in the crank case? Or the throttle body? Or turbo? I feel this is the problem to my miss firing but not sure.

Any views?

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I don't know much about the TD series but a knock doesn't sound good. I suspect you'd have issues before warmup as well if the injection pump was a tooth off. Oil in the intake is what I'd start looking into. Could be a bad turbo oil seal. On a gas motor I'd say check the PCV valve, but I'm not seeing one in the TD manual--could just be that I'm not looking in the right place.


I would start pulling the intake system apart to see how much of it has oil in it and get some idea of where it's coming from. If the engine is burning its own oil (as blue smoke would suggest) this is certainly something to figure out asap. I have heard of diesels "running away" burning their own crankcase oil.

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Diesel motors are really strong...almost bullet proof I know engines with 800.000 kms and never had to open them.

If you have no doubts on that rebuilt I would suggest checking the turbo and that oil.


Lets see some pics, we love them.

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like startibartfast, i'm not familiar with the TD, but my mercedes om617 has a egr valve. could that have something to do with oil in the intake? otherwise i would be looking at excessive blow by from pcv and then turbo seals

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