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Need a comprehensive parts list for my 2006 SE Off-Road

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Hey everybody. Sorry if this is a duplicate. I am looking for a complete list of part numbers for my 2006 Pathfinder SE Off-Road (R51) I have a major repair coming up (as soon as I get the parts) and want to try and streamline my searching.


I'm not proficient with this and am getting confused between lookup codes, aftermarket numbers, individual vendor part numbers, OEM, etc. I understand the terminology. What I need i a resource (Or where to search NIssan as their sites have been futile) where I can find the original part number(s) assigned by Nissan. That way, I can streamline my searching by plugging it into Amazon, E-bay, auto part websites, etc. and find what I need.


Thanks in advance for any suggestions!!!



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So here is exactly what I'm talking about. It looks like I have a problem with my oil cooler. Hopefully it's more minor than the one in the previous recall - where oil was leaking into the transmissions and destroying them because I was told by Nissan that my vehicle isn't subject to that particular recall. I'm hoping it is just a seal problem


Anyway, my oil cooler is the round looking one. When I look this up on Nissan parts sites, they show a part number of 21305. When I've gone to such sites as Rock Auto, and punch in the number, the coolers that pop up are the plate/fin (radiator looking) coolers. I have also found that this particular cooler also goes by the following alias part numbers: 21305Y, 21305-EA210, 21305-EA21A, 21606-EA51A, and 21606-EA510.


For the bulk of those there are no images on the sites I've searched. I guess I'll have to give a dealership a call.

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Also, one other thing. I don't believe it's the trans killer issue as my transmission is not strawberry milk. Instead, oil has decided that it wanted to become one with my antifreeze and backed into the reservoir. I'm thinking it's just the oil cooler gasket. Any speculations?

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Can't help you with your actual problem, but you should be able to get all the info you need from these links:


http://parts.nissanusa.com -- just key in your VIN and search. The 5-6 digit number you referenced above (21305) is just the part code. The part number is the 10-digit one with the hyphen. The part code is usually the first 5 digits of the part number, but not always.


http://www.nicoclub.com/FSM/Pathfinder/2006_Pathfinder -- this is the Factory Service Manual (FSM). Indispensable resource. Refer to the "fwd.pdf" for the breakdown of sections. The most likely section for your problem is in to Engine Cooling System ("CO").


I use courtesyparts.com for most of my OEM part purchases ("nis10" for a discount). You can also reference part numbers there.

Some of the time you can reference OEM part numbers at Rock Auto, but it depends. Some guys here have mixed emotions about RA, but I've never had a problem with them.

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