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My friends 07 R51 LE...

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My friend has a R51 with a couple of issues... He helps me all the time with my WD21, so it's time to pay the piper...


1st issue... The auto climate control is acting funky... Say it's set to 70 degrees... It will be blowing cold on a hot summer day... Then out of nowhere it starts blowing freaking hot as you know where on the driver side only... The passenger side doesn't do it... You have to readjust the controls and it goes back to blowing cold... For a while...


2nd issue... Memory seats... They seem to auto reset themselves... Slot one goes back to the very first setting he programmed for himself... Slot two for his wife seems to not retain memory... It does it at random... Kinda aggravating...


Bonus question... CD player (6 disk in dash) seems to kick out cd's when it's cold outside (just above freezing) until it warms up... And you can push it back in and it spits it right back out again...


Again, 2007 Nissan Pathfinder Le R51 AUTO 4.0


Thanks guys... You all rock!

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