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r51 sound system

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I have a mammoth sports pathy 2007 which i believe has the Bose sound system with all speakers running of a amplifier...now after reading i believe the speakers are all 2 ohms and the amplifier is a set spec and power.....After reading there is not much that can be done apart from installing 2 ohm replacement size speakers....


Is there any advantage to having 4 ohm over 2 ohm speakers?


does a replacement Bose or other make amplifier exist that can replace the lets say standard 200 watt amplifier that's in there.....so unscrew and unplug Bose 200 watt 2 ohm amplifier and re screw new 800 watt 4 ohm amplifier in its place and plug connectors..... kinda plug and play replacement 800 watt and then just upgrade speakers to 4 ohm jbl's kappas or what ever matching sizes?


wishful thinking? i am sure if that was the case and so easy, china or some after market company would be on to this making these replacement amplifiers so i am quite sure its not as easy as that????


is it possible to remove standard amplifier work out wiring snip connector add crimps and attach it to a after market amplifier and then replace speakers to go with it???


what would be better alternative? what would be a better option? to get decent sound and more bass?


1: replace amp and speakers

2: just replace speakers

3: rewire the whole damn thing and add amp and speakers

4: just live with it as its not worth it???


look forward to hearing from you pathy vets.








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I just recently replaced my entire Bose system with Alpine and it was surprisingly easy. Here is the summary:


1. Replaced Bose HU with an Alpine double din GPS/DVD unit.

2. Ran RCA connectors under the driver seat for six channels.

3. Replaced door speakers with Alpine Reference components. I used the existing speaker wire in all locations.

a. Make sure you put a dampening material on the inside of the doors once the old speakers are removed. I used "Stick and Seal" from Lowes.

4. Replaced the amplifier with an Alpine PDX-V9 five channel unit. I disconnected the factory subwoofer and ran wire to the back for a new sub.

a. The alpine fit perfectly in the existing bracket used for the Bose amplifer. Just had to flatten out some of the sheet metal. I used a strong velcro to keep it in place.

5. Removed the third row seats and installed a Kicker pro series 10" subwoofer facing down. I then built a wood enclosure to fill up the dead space and covered it all with a cargo mat. All my trunk space is available.


This system is 1000% better! I highly recommend scapping all of the old Bose stuff and replace it with something comparable to Alpine. You will be much happier. Also, I did this in phases so it was easier on the wallet.




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