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Exhaust question

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Hey everyone. Hopin you can help me out here. So I noticed my exhaust just didn't sound right the other day. Got underneath and realized the whole muffler, from right before the bracket after the cat converter, was hanging off. The whole braket has rusted off. I was already planning on ordering a new muffler but now that the bracket has fallen off, it would be pretty pointless. So until I have money for a whole new system, what do you guys reccomend? I was thinking of somehow making it just a straight pipe to the back. Any suggestions or even examples of what other have done would be awesome. Thanks as always!

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AkP-That's actually a good point to bring up. I'm in AK right now but I'll be heading back to SoCal in a year. I think I worded things a little funny there too. The cat is still there but the muffler is gone and the connecting bracket as well. So I was thinking the same thing you said. Just having someone weld a straight pipe from the cat all the way out. Would that be ok in CA? I see you're in Simi. I'll be just north of you in Santa Clarita when I first head back. Not sure where we'll end up. I'll have to contact you about finding trails down there.

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Sorry about late response i didnt click to follow this thread. You should have a total of 4 cats. 2 mains up by the firewall and 2 in the middle of the truck then a resonator and a muffler. As long as you dont cut the rear cats off then you can either straightpipe it or buy an aftermarket muffler and delete the resonator. That is my plan very soon. The muffler will help with back pressure. I have read mixed reviews about straight pipes but you could certainly do so

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I just got the Magnaflow 11385 installed, as I've seen others here do.

Might have had one of the worst experiences of my life, lol! I got there, front desk manager says it'll probably be an hour labor, 100 bucks. An hour after my 9 am Saturday appointment the mechanic looks at it. I tell him he can take out the spare and do dual to both sides (the muffler is dual in/out). He says having both exit at the same side on the rear passanger side would be easiest and least time consuming so I agree.


Hour passed, gf asks if I want a ride, say it shouldn't be much longer. Couple hours pass, phone dies. Manager goes in and out saying it's coming along. I see lift go up and down repeatedly.


Turns out I spend the whole damn day there with them doing trial and error to fit the tubing under there. Finally he has me come out and look at it at 5:30. There's twists and turns like crazy; I get a lot of "ya man, this is some sweet custom fab work". All that, and the tips, not the ones I originally requested, are crooked. Facepalm.


Manager tries to bill me $415 saying he's cutting me a deal for the amount of man hours in it. I say hell no, I don't want to walk out of this shop paying more than $150. He would absolutely not take that. Made me walk out of the shop with a piss poor job for $250.


So how was everyone elses Saturday? Haha


P.s. - I wasn't sure what the expect but it doesn't sound half bad. Throaty and not at all "loud".

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