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R51 Pathfinder Transmission Cooler Replacement Steps, Plz Verify


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I wanted to ask if my steps are correct to rectify the Transmission/Coolant Issue. If not can you please comment? I do need some better examples of step 1.


Step 1:

Bypass Internal Transmission Cooler.

Use the "Auxiliary" Cooler on the R51.


This thread speaks to "bypassing" the Transmission Cooler.



I wish I could see another write up, because the photos and descriptions are hard for me to make out. I wish he had arrows on the photos so I was 100% sure.



Step 2:

Install an External Transmission Cooler:

Connect new External to auxiliary cooler.

I personally have this one selected,

Hayden Automotive 679 Rapid-Cool Plate and Fin Transmission Cooler


This video seems to demonstrate how to accomplish this.





Step 3: (Optional)

Install some type of inline oil filter to the setup. It seems people have caught tons of debris this way.

Some claims that the : Fleetguard 6500 3 micron filter has success.


* I don't really see any examples of how to do this. I would assume you are cutting a line, and putting it in line. But is this on the return side?

<- This video is very informative, and I wonder if all "Inline" filters work this way.
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I dont know the answer to your question as far as how to install the external cooler. I just did the bypass part a couple of days ago. It is easier than changing the oil. I havent gotten it out on any long trips yet so I do not know if I will even need another cooler. It gets really cold here in winter so I would be worried of it getting too cold. I'm going to see what temps run this summer when we tow the boat with it.

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You removed all cooling from the system? :doh: That's a sure fire way to destroy an automatic in a hurry.


Who are you talking to? I bypassed the cooler located internally in the radiator. It still flows through an external cooler located on the front of the condensor. :FartExplode-vi:

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