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Dana 44 Radius arm rear end


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I take it you were able to maintain the stupid bolt pattern that Nissan fitted?


So does that mean you pulled that axle off a chevy? i think our wheels bolt right on and vise versa.


Cant wait to see video, what did you use for spring perches?



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Yeah still the same pattern. Not sure what's stupid about it. Its the same as Toyota, all gm, Isuzu, etc. Seems pretty easy to get ahold of wheels... My Merkur, THAT was a stupid bolt pattern!

Yeah the axle is out of a '99 Isuzu Rodeo, its got big ass rotors and a scaled down version of the front calipers I'm running. The pinion though is an inbred version of a D60 but is a D44 ring gear. So you have to do some f#!king around with spacers and whatnot. I'll post the video tomorrow. I'm in an airport coming home right now.

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I made my own radius arm/spring mounts essentially just used a round piece of 1/4" plate with a 2" diameter,3" tall body lift block to hold them in. Then widened the stock uppers with some 1/4" plate gussets

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Nope! Well the hub portion of it is smaller then the Yota, which is larger then GM. So if you get wheels for any of them. You're golden. But then your wheels are lug-centric not hub-centric. Still work amazing if you torque your bolts properly.

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nissan is the only one with 6x114 that i know of thats a stupid pattern


Sorry to go off topic, Nissan does not use a 6 x 114mm (that equals 6 x 4.5"), bolt pattern on the older trucks, the pathfinder and hardbody use a 6 x 139.7 mm or 6 x 5.5" bolt pattern, as well as what was stated already, Toyota 4x4, Mazda, Isuzu, older Chevy trucks (1/2 ton), Mitsubishi,


Only 2005 and up Nissan (and some Dodge dakota/Durango's) use the smaller bolt pattern you mentioned.


back on topic, nice work, looks good !!!

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