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sfd springs for rear and other such ideas

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so its been some months since ive posted up on here, but ive been doing some serious research and consideration into doing a subframe drop


now, i know the knee jerk reaction would probably be for me to "search because its been covered" , well i did, and i came across something interesting, in looking for an alternative to welding in a big spacer to my rear axle, i wanted to see if could just find a spring that would work that would also net me 6 inches of lift to accomodate for the 2" ac coils up front along with the 4" subframe drop, so here it is, on a wj forum, i have found that they can use 1997 ford expedition rear springs that net them a 6" lift in the rear as seen in this thread here




so, my main reaction is that this would be a great deal easier and would make this job a serious bolt in affair, however, with the krfabs kit, it requires modifying the bottom of the coil to fit the adapter piece, but what about the top of the coil? does it slip on like stock, or do you have to cut a link off as well?


alternatively, if someone can point me towards a cheap alternative custom spring that provides 6 inches of lift that will sit still on the stock perches that would be awesome as well, it would however have to be comparable in price to a set of moog springs for a ford from oreillys for only $139 and a $44 bolt on adapter from krfabs


all else aside, dont be afraid of throwing some alternative suggestions at me cause im that guy that converted my 2001 r50 to 4wd using little more that completely factory parts that i strategically pulled off pathfinders from a junk yard


and again, any and all help is appreciated in this endeavor, because this summer my r50 is getting a serious serious make over

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You only cut off one side i had this done with the stock wj springs on my truck and it got like 4in of lift in the rear. The reason why the krabs spring adapter is the way it is and has the 2in innner diameter is to keep the spring from coming unseated if you use the wj coil on the without the apadter it is feared that under flex the extended spring may come unseated and fall out imo not worth it bro u can get the wj springs for so cheap and the adapter is like 45 bucks with a 1in spacer added and the cost of selling your ac coils will probbly cover the adapters and spring cost so why try and go cheaper than a way thats proveb to work and as for bolt in u drill a hole larger that was already there and bolt it in and your done heres how mine was with the stock wj springs 2013-02-19161952_zps467552d5.jpg



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yes but if u got the 1in spacer i would think u would only need a 2 or 3in spring to match again thats a stock wj spring and as u can see its alot higher than the front which had 1.5 lift springs on it.

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