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  1. so, if i used a wj 4" lift spring and a krfabs 1" adapter, i could get the necessary 6" lift to match the front correct?
  2. so its been some months since ive posted up on here, but ive been doing some serious research and consideration into doing a subframe drop now, i know the knee jerk reaction would probably be for me to "search because its been covered" , well i did, and i came across something interesting, in looking for an alternative to welding in a big spacer to my rear axle, i wanted to see if could just find a spring that would work that would also net me 6 inches of lift to accomodate for the 2" ac coils up front along with the 4" subframe drop, so here it is, on a wj forum, i have found that they can use 1997 ford expedition rear springs that net them a 6" lift in the rear as seen in this thread here http://www.jeepforum.com/forum/f46/wj-junkyard-6-rear-coils-973500/ so, my main reaction is that this would be a great deal easier and would make this job a serious bolt in affair, however, with the krfabs kit, it requires modifying the bottom of the coil to fit the adapter piece, but what about the top of the coil? does it slip on like stock, or do you have to cut a link off as well? alternatively, if someone can point me towards a cheap alternative custom spring that provides 6 inches of lift that will sit still on the stock perches that would be awesome as well, it would however have to be comparable in price to a set of moog springs for a ford from oreillys for only $139 and a $44 bolt on adapter from krfabs all else aside, dont be afraid of throwing some alternative suggestions at me cause im that guy that converted my 2001 r50 to 4wd using little more that completely factory parts that i strategically pulled off pathfinders from a junk yard and again, any and all help is appreciated in this endeavor, because this summer my r50 is getting a serious serious make over
  3. Put me down. I'd love one. Even at that price. I hope this can go far enough before I decide to get one custom made in town for more.
  4. wheres the front bar at? i think seeing it on there may lead to some better ideas about welding some tube up
  5. poor pathy...wheres your forsale thread at man, sell some stuff to us to make some money for your new rig
  6. sooo even though youre giving up on your current pathy, do you have any updates on the spring spacers and links? id still like some rear stuff...if youre hawking the current ones ill buy em off ya
  7. i hate to say it, but i would have swerved for the dog too, theyre very great animals...couldnt ever imagine hitting one, if someone ever ran my dog over id go bat s#!t crazy on whoever it was...second part, when i got this text my first reaction (regrettably) was "how much for your sfd" lmao
  8. i love biology, im majoring in microbiology lol...be lucky you dont have to take pre med physics or chemistry...those suck
  9. the vg33 transfer is indeed identical to the vq35 transfer case, i have a vg33 manual transfer on a vq35de auto transmission on a 2wd pathfinder, much of what nissan does can be crossed over to several vehicles and work very very well, the only difference i found was the speedo pinion in the transfer...i wasnt sure if it was different because i didnt have one to compare it to
  10. linkinpark, youre mistaken, the vq block is the same whether its for an auto truck or the manual truck, the only thing youll need to worry about is making sure you put the right pilot converter in the back of the crank, to validate my claim i looked up the part number for a vq35 short block on an r50, didnt designate auto or manual, and it gave me one part number (11000-4W001) - i work parts for a nissan dealership
  11. oh i guess it just doesnt look as big as mine? either way I WANT a set of those rear spacers, when are they gonna be available to purchase, and what are you thinking on price?
  12. thats fine if you want to do it, under the condition i get it back of coarse lmao
  13. oh hell yea, mark me down for the rear spacer at least!!! ill even offer my vehicle up as a test subject with the combination of the ac lift all around plus nx4 1" spacer up front, i need this back spacer!!! PM ME :jig:
  14. yea, we sell a lot of the evap solenoids at work for them, let me know what you need andrew and i can get it for you
  15. it is indeed very happy, and dont let the video fool you, most of those hills are a lot steeper than it looks, we shot all this on my iphone 4s lol

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