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06 Pathfinder VDC issue?


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I'm getting this info second hand and R51s ain't an area I frequent often so I figured I'll put this out here to pick at some of the other people around here that may mess with them more.


The truck at hand: 2006 SE OffRoad Pathfinder w/4.0

The issue: VDC and SLIP light on, code C1142/also "abs-like" in some turns (both directions)

Besides a half-fast google search of the code (a pressure sensor I believe he said) and making sure the brake fluid level was full, I don't believe any other tech was looked into (I drive a pathfinder so I must know everything about all of them right? :lol: )if it wasn't a friend I actually dot mind I wouldn't care, if more info is needed I can bug him about any time for it as well.

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Is that the ONLY abs code?

That code usually indicates a abs pump failure, but they rarely fail on their own.


What usually happens is something else goes wrong, and the owner ignores it and doesn't fix it, which causes the abs pump to run way beyond what it was designed to do.


I would reset the system, look for the first failure to come up and address that first and maybe you'll be lucky and the pump/actuator will be ok.


Alternatively it is possible the previous owner ended up fixing the minor problem already to find that the abs pump is bad and decided to sell rather than fix.


You're best bet is to try to find a used wrecker one, as new I believe they are probably in the $2000 range.


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Confirmed it is the only code that was/is in it. It's on every trip as well. When I saw it Friday I didn't see any obvious underhood new stuff (he wasn't there for this issue, we were talking paint on the boat and conversation steered to it eventually). He's only owned the truck for a couple months and he personally has done nothing to it besides a new set of tires and some fluids.

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