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z24 engine swaps.

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hi all,i keep seeing people with the z24 motors in there pathys complaining about power,can anyone offer any assistance to decent motors that can be swapped with as little trouble as possible. maybe motord that are not easy,but u know would be great engine for the 87-89 paths with z24 motors. perso.ally I have a z24(s) motor sitting on 310 kms had it scince about 280,000 its run well but lacks power? does 120kmh o. flat highway and crawls well.just not enough gutsy power to suit.

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Ka24e out of a navara would be your easiest 4cyl petrol power up.

I've got a d21 dual cab nav with one in it (330,000k's) and goes heaps better than my mates Z powered king cab which has had an engine rebuild with cam,weber and extractors.

Pathfinder v6 is another option but a bit more involved in changing plus manual versions are hard to come by.

Terrano td27t diesel is yet another and also a very involved transplant.

I also have a terrano with the td27t and it Is definitely my preferred choice although I do still find the navara fun to drive.

Hope this helps.

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thanks mate,any information helps,figure there will be others needing this information too. id perfer to stick with the petrol,less messing around and would perfer the 6 than the 4,but time will tell and engine/parts availability.thanks mate

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No probs mate glad I could help.

Anymore questions feel free to ask.

Maybe check out navara.asia forum too few guys done conversions on there.

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