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Hi guys, if yah dont know about these guys, There a Nissan only used parts/vehicles place in Lethbridge, Alberta, They've got everything (Or so ive been told) ive ordered a few things off them now and there prices seem to be pretty fair. and they've always had what i have been looking for.


They have a website though not a very good one (useableused.com)


Best just to phone them, They are quite knowledge-able and will be able to help you much quicker. (1-877-317-3166)


If yah havnt heard of them and are looking for some cheaper used parts. I recomend checking them out =)

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I lived near Lethbridge, Alberta (2010-2013), bought a used 1994 VG30e (150,000 km) for $577.50 (tax incl) in 2010. Bought a transmission (w/overdrive, 140,000 km) in 2012 for $729.75 (tax incl). The guys there were great, they found me a transmission (hard to find a good one w/overdrive locally) on Vancouver Island, shipping was $150. Didn't take long to get it. Original engine had 388,000 km and trans had 430,000 km when changed, 2 years later drove to Halifax, Nova Scotia (5000 km) for $800 in gas, still working great.


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