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Nissan announces radiator warranty extension

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Nissan has announced a warranty extension on the 2005-2010 trucks with radiator problems:


This announcement is to inform you that Nissan has decided, for customer satisfaction purposes, to extend the warranty for the Radiator Assembly on all 2005-10 Frontier, Pathfinder and Xterra vehicles equipped with automatic transmissions.

The New Vehicle Limited Warranty coverage on applied vehicles for the Radiator Assembly will be extended from its original duration of 3 years/60,000 kilometres to 8 years/130,000 kilometres (whichever occurs first). This warranty extension applies only to the Radiator Assembly (and its component parts), including damage, repairs, replacement, and related towing resulting from this issue. Customers who may have previously paid for a repair that would have been covered by this extended warranty will be eligible for reimbursement. Coverage of other vehicle components will remain unchanged, and all other terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions of Nissan’s New Vehicle Limited Warranty continue to apply.

Additional details regarding this warranty extension and reimbursement eligibility and procedures will be provided to you no later than October 29, 2010.

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No doubt, this is potentially GREAT info for 2005 and up PF owners, I just wonder if it will cover dead tranny's because of the rad failure?


I would assume yes unless I hear otherwise. Nissan's policy has always been to replace any parts that were damaged due to a warrantied part. IE: an axle seal leak damaging brake shoes, I see no difference in this case.

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I had a conversation with my nissan rep. He heard about the extension the same way I did, and had no furthur information than what I already had. He's going to forward my questions and get back to me.


His feeling was, that this was started as a "customer service/satisfaction" extension, so it would most likely also cover the transmission costs, but he instructed me to wait till the re-imbursement information came out, and it would have all the information we needed.

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I wonder why Titans weren't included? My Titan radiator cracked the bottom tank at 40k. There were 10 other people on clubtitan that had cracked radiators at the same time as me. I would call that a defect. Mine was covered by my extended warranty but it still cost me $50.

That was a funny discussion with a woman at the dealer.

Dealer: The radiator is not covered under the powertrain warranty because it's not part of the powertrain.

Me: So if it's not part of the powertrain, then the powertrain should be able to function without it?

Dealer: A....................

I love to leave them speechless, I had to pay for it anyway.


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Got this today:



Please be advised, the radiator warranty extension pertaining to 2005~2010 Frontier, Pathfinder and

Xterra also applies to US vehicles. To confirm US vehicle VINs for eligibility, refer to Service Comm.


also as far as the transmissions:


Also, when submitting a radiator assembly claim with consequential parts or labour, please add these

additions to the one Work Order line with the radiator assembly as the PFP (primary failed part). This will

help expedite the claims process.

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