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Reppin' Winterpeg!


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I just read a post I made here way back when, referring to sandblasting the TJM when I got it. Well... I didn't go to Winnipeg Sandblasting because they never returned my calls. Yes, plural! I called twice, was put on hold, then told I'd get a prompt call back. I called back a third time, and wasn't put on hold. Nice, I thought. Then I was told I'd get a call back. Well, that was it. I gave up on that place.


Instead, I took the TJM to Carlson Decorating & Sandblasting. I called, took it in, and got it back the same day. Now that's how IT SHOULD be done. Not only was Carlson's service prompt, they did a great job sandblasting and the price for it was about $40 cheaper than anywhere else.


I give Carlson major kudos and recommend this place! :aok:

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