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Pics From Brazeau, Ab


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Thought I'd share a few pics from a run I did last month down around the Brazeau dam are in west central Alberta. Went down there with a few rigs from Northern Alberta 4WD Assoc. Loads of great trails, though really muddy, some holes really deep and off camber, plus very tight bush. A great run aprt from the fact I toasted by alternator and had to be nursed the 100 or so km home swapping out batteries and running with lights out on the Yellowhead HWY at 11:30pm with an escort rig next to me in the outside lane lighting my way!


Anyways, enjoy the pics and us Pathy drivers in Edmonton / central AB really should get together and hit the trails some time soon!













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Pooped? That dog looks stoned! lol. Great pics. Thanks for sharing them.


Nah, she wasn't stoned, just been running behind for the last 10km and swimming through a couple of river crossings. Hell, that'd get be pretty beat too. These pics were from the Brazeau area 'bout 35mins west of Drayton Valley. The pics from my other link where I busted up my front suspension were from another area near Robb.

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Niice, looks like fun man.

Kamloops BC here. I'm never going through deep water again without a snorkel though!


No doubt! I'd really recomend a snorkel! Mine has been really useful here in AB.

Wish there was some way to waterproof (or mudproof!) my alternator and starter-motor though. And the radiator too! This damn mud here gets like hot chocolate in the mud holes and justs coats the rad. So many times I've overheated from that. There's gotta be a better way than carrying the weed-killer pump sprayer that I use to wash it down now.

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