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  1. looks good.. very similar to what i had on my pathy when i had it... didnt have those big bulky blinkers tho
  2. speed sensor and knock sensor this time... what causes these to malfunction? and how might i fix them? i already did the temp fix and erased the code lol
  3. how do you use an air gun to get the stud out? haha maybe an air hammer you mean? an air impack will take the nut off... ok ill resort to the BFH tomorrow.. hope i dont miss and break somethin else
  4. how do you pop the 3 bolts out in the strut top plate?
  5. ive got 33x10.50 mts on mine with just the ac lift... tho i would make it higher all around if i could figure out how to make my cv joints at not such a harsh angle... what ever happened to system f and his lift? wasnt that who made the 4 1/2 inch lift
  6. yea.. like i said.. the arb air locker or lincoln locker is our only options.. its pretty sad.. i think i should start lookin for a tacoma... for a daily driver then i can just do whatever i want to the pathy and trash it and not care
  7. its dumb cuz poor kids like me cant afford hte only option possible... an air locker. so looks like im gonna have to weld her up!
  8. no? dang that is dumb! no ill drive it i dont care if tires chirp
  9. just stick with name brand. miller, lincoln, esab. that way you can always get replacement parts if anything goes wrong. i wouldnt reccomend a stick welder. the stick electrodes get pricy and they dont last long at all. i have a lincoln electric 175. it works great. another buddy of mine uses a lincoln 140 and he hasnt has any problems.. he does SAS's custom bumpers sliders cages.
  10. how do you tell if it has a tranny cooler? i have a 96 xe with sport package did it come with one? cuz i just bought a boat might be nice to purchase if i dont have one
  11. nice...all i ever got a was a bbgun, when i was 12 wasnt allowed to get anything else.. i was told i kelled to many animals with that as it was
  12. haha that works just gotta bring enough tube for me and my mods!
  13. its a medford jd2 model 3 one with a 1.5 inch die $600 (without the stand or cheater bar).. im gonna have to make some stuff before i use it. one thing thats nice is it can be converted to hydraulic which ican prob do for cheap getting parts and junk from work!
  14. i just ordered my tube bender so let the rear bumper and new sliders and other projects begin!
  15. well id go if it was like reiter pit or somethin pretty close... i have a winch and straps and hooks etc.
  16. i have some wetr okole ones.. i got em off my buddys 4runner. they fit good cept the head ret cover... doesnt fit at all but oh well theyre sweet
  17. yea id say eaglepaths is a little cooler.. it just mean you gotta make yours bigger! do the studs on the strut top plate just pount out?
  18. ill go if im not workin! and i re fab up some new sliders in time. we should go to the moses lake sand dunes some time
  19. well i got em in! i can feel the difference... a lot beter.. although i did lose the LSD that looked a little hard to swap out my self... im a little broke now so i didnt pay and get it all done with the LSD... just means i need a locker now when i can afford it
  20. i cant afford arb.. maybe ill just put it in open... it was off a 97n with 63k miles
  21. so i got my 4.63 diffs today but it doesnt have a LSD. but my xe now does so i was wondereing how hard it would be to put my LSD in the new diff?
  22. ripped out the washer box and bought some new little tiny coolant box drilled 2 holes for the pumps and wedged it next to my battery.. coolant is stll there.. the diamond plate sits right above where it bulks out. i can take some pics of the stuff one of these days if you want

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