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  1. I really want to restore a BMW E30 M3. I think they're beautiful cars. I'm a huge fan of the modern M3's too but there's just something about having no computers doing the driving for you. Just man and machine.
  2. The exterior has been ran thru quite a bit. No doors, front or rear bumper, lights, etc. So I reckon the chrome bits and pieces are all gone. Spotted if from a distance while acquiring new seats for my M3 project. If I could somehow get that motor to conform to US emission standards it would be in my suitcase!
  3. Always 87. My old Grand Cherokee had a major engine knocking issue so I had to run mid in that though...
  4. Sturgeon Sorry, for some odd reason page 706 didn't load so I was going off the last post on 705. Had to edit and hope no one saw... =P
  5. My vote goes towards the R50, yeah it's unibody but as far as off road goes I would much prefer a more compact vehicle. Plus I've seen heaps of R51s driven by "ballers on a budget" who can't afford an Escalade and instead molest a R51 with chrome and ungodly sized wheels.
  6. There's a LHD TD27 in a u-pull-it near where I live, you need anything in the next month and a half I'd be happy to acquire and ship for you.
  7. Beautiful rig man! And welcome. But please, for the love of all that is holy, remove those horrible wind blocks around your windows! It's great that you got a diesel. I've searched high and low for any half decent diesel Terrano in Germany and it's impossible.
  8. Morning (gotta do that damn PT every morning, at least for the next couple weeks!)

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