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    anything outdoors...... shooting at our ranch. pretty much anything that involves a really good rush, although for some reason i think about things a little more as i get older.....lol

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  1. hi i have a 93 pathy, i remember reading both yours and tungstens thread....... i cant see any pics of find any part numbers..... idk if its just me? if u could please message me when u get a chance with the part numbers i would really appreciate it....... also im wondering what was the problem with the pitman arm that was described.... do i have to change mine or am i getting mixed up?
  2. i have been searching for yrs and ive only found 2 pathfinders with long travel front ifs, neither 1 was 4 wheel drive....... i personally would love to make it happen and still have the use of 4 wheel...... i know it would b a pain but not impossible...... if anyone finds anything else or can talk to the guy who built the red pathy and see if he could do more or why he removed it ........ ideally i would like to get ride of the torsion bar set up all together and run coilovers.......
  3. welcome back and congrats on picking up another
  4. sup peeps......

  5. yes that did help out alot, thanx....
  6. hey thanx, i follow ur post and see how it turns out..... good info, why i couldnt find it earlier i dont know.
  7. hey thanx for ur time everyone, i actually found a link and saw a bunch of pics on the build, pretty intense. maybe future project.... lol.... but i havent seen the finished product yet...... hopefully soon.
  8. hey everyone, does anyone know which brake rotors automotive customizers use..... the slotted rotors and the corresponding pads? who manufacters them. is there a better alternative? where and what i could get thats the same in comparison if they r good, i really dont wanna pay the shipping cost if possible. but i definitly want my pathy to stop better and will be towing soon. thanx as always for your time, Jess O-ya..... 93 pathfinder auto 4x4 se with hat and rotor in rear..... 1 more thing if U have parts #s and prices that would also help, thanx again
  9. alright, so im moving in the next couple months to colorado from cali. gotta rent a uhaul trailer and load it with my roll away, service cart, fridge, couch, bed and bunch of boxes..... prob gonna do the 6x12 trailer. i have an 18000lbs trans cooler, bypass and inline filter coming, already have a new filter for the trans pan and will install when i get the rest of the parts. Now the ??? my pathy is stock suspension all the way around, i bought but havent installed all new bushings for the front..... has anyone used the airlift airsprings to help keep the rear level? i dont want my front end wandering on the road on this drive cause my rear is scraping on the ground, not literally but close...lol any suggestions on keeping this as safe drive as possible, keep in mind im broke..... but have odd jobs funding my move and maybe $200 left after this until i get more work..... ive towed alot of trailers and alot of weight b4 just not in my pathy.... o yeah i gotta get a hitch as well..... man im losing money i dont have..... lol anyways thanx as always for any help, Jess.
  10. does anyone know if u can fit a q45 engine in the wd21? will it mate up to our transmissions? what would be envolved? more or less cost effective then doing a vg34? is vg34 a better choice? sorry bout all the ?s i just found something on another forum about q45 in our pathys but couldnt find any real info if it was an idea or if someone has actually done it.... thanks for ur time...... sorry if its already been disscussed.
  11. q45 swap

    1. jmd21682


      anyone know anything about q45 swap, can it mount up to vg30 transmission? is it worth it if it can be done? and how much would be envolved?


    2. jmd21682


      anyone know anything about q45 swap, can it mount up to vg30 transmission? is it worth it if it can be done? and how much would be envolved?


  12. ok as for the snorkel, im in the process of making my own out of fiber glass. never used fiberglass b4 this project, so far its turning out incredible.... i bought the top ram from ebay delivered for under $30..... chicken wire from hardware store $10 and fiberglass from local auto store plus extra fiberglass material under $50..... I molded the snorkel the way i wanted with the chicken wire and covered with plastic wrap u would use for food..... super easy.... when finished i also bought an inclosed air filter to get rid of the stock 1 and spectre 3" tubing. super easy to make..... cost is way under what you would pay for online and u can create ur own look. the write up is called project breathe easy @ off-road.com. hope that helps.... crap i meant to reply on the snorkel part... sorry everyone
  13. dont pay any attention to negative peeps.... ive been wanting to do my on center console for a while. i wanna do pop out cup holders that push in flush to the back for the rear passengers..... also some sort of actuated concealed holsters as well. if u have any ideas on that plz let me know. also if u have pics that would also help. thanx, Jess
  14. I actually just bedlinered my truck about 3 weeks ago, looks fairly good for rattle can waves, dont really care about the waves though, few spots i wanna fix here and there but overall it looks good. my gf even said it looked good..... suprisingly enough....lol i painted my stock wheels about 6 months ago with some high temp flat black, turned out good but brake dust is making it look brownish. prep on the wheels was almost as much of a pain to mask of the whole truck for the bedliner. wanna finish up soon with some front and rear tube bumpers..... then on to the suspension.... anyways ill try and get some pics soon of the overall look, if nothing else so you can get an idea if thats the route you wanna take. but i will say this, now i dont have to worry much about scratching it....lol and also it concealed alot of imperfections from my novice body work.

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