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    MY Exterra lies dormant in front of the carport in the side yard. She just fell ill in the middle of a busy highway one Summer 3 years ago and NEVER EVER cranked up again.
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    South Carolina
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    Standalone Tool Chest Mechanic
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    Serious Off Road Enthusiast
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    South Caroina
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    United States

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Hi y'all. South Cackalacky gal here. I'm just a simple southern gal with deep rooted beliefs, a strong moral fiber and ethical actions to back all I speak. I love the outdoors, live in the swamp, have the best dog on the planet, am severely committed to my husband, and have 4 of the most amazing kids in the universe. I have an Exterra NOT a Pathfinder, whoops! But, I am human so I ere on the side of humanity. Racism blows and I do not understand any one human who can not understand that we were all created out of the same material, we all have the same heartbeat, and we are ALL fragile mortal beings whose heartbeat will cease at an undisclosed time and an undisclosed date so, take care of one another! You never know when your fragility will expose you. Peace, love, and super sparklarity, y'all!

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